Aviation Advisory Committee Meeting

Calendar Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 12:00pm

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I. Approval of Minutes for February 11, 2014

II. Partner Updates
a. Fort Vancouver National Trust- Laureano Mier
b. National Parks Service- Alex Patterson
c. PAGA- Mike McGraw
d. Aero Maintenance- Bill Gough

III. Strategic Topics- Willy Williamson
a. Request For Proposal

IV. Tactical Topics
a. Minimum Standards for Commercial Operations, 5-year Review (update)
b. Tactical Business Plan (review)

V. Citizen Communication- Paul Speer
VI. Other

Action Items/Tasks:  none


Members in Attendance:
Paul Speer   Lee Powell   Gregg Paull
Bill Frost   Jay Haldeman   Steve Huff

Members Absent:
John McAleer   Gregg Weakley   Ron May 

Staff in Attendance:
Willy Williamson   Kerry Peck   Jan Bader

Bill Gough   Paul Lawson   Laureano Mier
Alex Patterson   Mike McGraw   Theresa Nelson

Mr. Speer called the meeting to order at 12:00 P.M.

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve (with edits to who had seconded) the February 11, 2014 minutes was made by Mr. Paull. The motion was seconded by Mr. Frost. Motion Carried.

2. Partner Update

Fort Vancouver National Trust

  • Mr. Mier is doing a lot of outreach programs including STEMP and Daybreak Youth Center.
  • Mr. Mier also thanked Mr. Lawson (present) and Mr. McKibbin (absent) for paying for the heat in the Education Center.
  • Summer Camp is being planned and is expected to be 100% full again this year.
  • The Pearson Field Education Center received the “Spirit of Aviation” award this year at the NW Aviation Conference.

National Park Service

  • Funding has been approved for the remodel of the NPS Visitor Center. Construction will begin in late August or early September. The Visitor Center will be closed until construction is finished and will reopen the summer of 2015.


  • PAGA has offered to help coordinate an airport informational meeting for the pilots when the Lease Hold Tax issue has been resolved.  The meeting is tentatively scheduled for May.
  • PAGA pilots are assisting with general maintenance and cleanup of the airport.


  • Work on the large hangar 101 doors is being accomplished by Metro Overhead Door.
  • Identified a transient camp and assisting with cleaning up the area.
  • Mrs. Nelson is working on collecting bicycles for pilot use.  This will also help promote the businesses in the area due to signage on the bicycles. Request made to COV PD to see if they can provide surplus bicycles.

3. Strategic Topics

Request for Proposal (RFP):  The RFP for the small field has been sent to the Finance Department for review.  The Finance Department will provide feedback for concurrence.  The current plan is to publish the RFP by mid-March with a response deadline in May.  There is a possibility that this may be delayed for a month or so.

4. Tactical Topics

Minimum Standards for Commercial Operations, 5 year review (update):  The review panel has continued to meet via conference call and email.  During the review the panel concurred that the information contained in the existing minimum standards is for the most part appropriate, however advised language related to Specialized Aviation Service Operation (SASO) be included and that the document’s format and language be updated to remove areas of ambiguity (internally and with related documents). Mr. Williamson is working on a rewrite.

Additional panel discussions were related to the Vancouver Municipal Code (VMC) including inconsistencies with or duplication of FAA regulations and other concerns.  Mr. Williamson said he would conduct research including discussions with the City Attorney prior to rewriting any of the VMC to ensure proper process and for legal guidance.

Mr. Williamson stated that this project will require more time than initially projected due to rewrites, etc.

Tactical Business Plan (update):  Mr. Williamson provided an update on the Tactical Business Plan and a reminder that this is an ever changing document that he uses for internal project tracking.  Major changes to the plan included:

  • Wildlife Management Plan will not be funded by the FAA or USDA unless an endangered species is found on the airport.  This project has been temporarily suspended.
  • Major improvements to the 105 West building will not be accomplished at this time.  The capital investment required to perform this work is extensive and includes major electrical redesign, significant excavation on the ramp to the west of the building and major engineering upgrades to the building itself in order to install aircraft access doors.  After discussions with various engineering firms, Mr. Williamson determined that it would be better to investigate an option of constructing a new building elsewhere on the airport before investing in the 105 improvements.
    • Added Minimum Standards for Commercial Operations and VMC Title 10 review to the Active Projects list.
    • Moved Energy Audit to the top of the Future Milestones list.
    • Added AAC Action List items section.

5. Citizen Communication

Mr. Lawson has requested a list of tenants and their contact information.  Additionally he has requested the city’s after hours phone number to get hold of Mr. Williamson if there is anything wrong with the airport.  He suggested posting the emergency phone numbers on the end of the hangars and gate.

6. Other

  • Lease Hold Tax update:  The City will be getting money back from the state that will go into the Airport account, only to be used for airport projects.  The priorities for the use of this money are:

1. Meet all legal obligations related to disposition of the funds.
2. Complete all airport deferred maintenance projects.
3. Replenish the airport reserve account to the city/AAC recommended amount.

  • AAC Member Selection Process:  There are two members leaving the AAC in June of 2014.  Mr. Speer initiated a round table discussion related to what the current needs of the AAC are.  He asked the AAC membership to consider these needs and email him recommendations for incorporation into his memo to the City to be sent later in the week.  

Meeting adjourned at 1:02 P.M.

PDF icon March 11, 2014 (59 KB)