Aviation Advisory Committee Meeting

Calendar Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 12:00pm

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Approval of Minutes for October 12, 2016

Partners Update (10 min)

  • Fort Vancouver National Trust – Garrett Schmidt
  • National Park Service – Bob Cromwell
  • PAGA – Frank Lambert
  • Aero Maintenance – Bill Gough

Airport Manager Topics (10 min) – Williamson

AAC Administrative Items (15 min) – Haldeman / Frost

  • Operations
  • Planning
  • Finance

AAC Action Items Review (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost

Where are we now? (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost / Williamson

Citizen Communication (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost

Open Discussion (optional) – Haldeman / Frost


 Members in Attendance:

            Bill Frost                                             Jay Haldeman                         Ron May

            Paul Montague                                    Shawn Suhrstedt                     George Van Hoomissen                     

Members Absent:

            Kimberly Darin                                   David Pfeiffer                         John McAleer 

Staff in Attendance:

            Willy Williamson                                Kerry Peck                              Joe Walker    


            James Kirby                                        Bill Gough                              Paul Lawson

            Bob Cromwell

Jay Haldeman called the meeting to order at noon. 

Approval of Meeting Minutes

MOTION: Motion to approve the October 12, 2016 minutes; moved by George Van Hoomissen and seconded by Shawn Suhrstedt; approved unanimously.   

Partner Update

FVNT- Garrett Schmidt, PFEC

  • 200 people for the Halloween event.
  • OMSI gifted an early Pratt & Whitney Turbo-Fan engine for display.
  • They had a winter break camp. 7 kids attended from 1-4th graders.
  • May 20th “Let’s Take Flight” fundraiser

NPS- Acting Chief Ranger, Bob Cromwell

  • Pearson Air Museum has a new plane on display, a De Havilland DH.4 Liberty  People are invited to stop by and view it.
  • Volunteers are working on a Curtis Pusher type airplane.  It is a full-scale reproduction with a 45ft wingspan.
  • Dana Anderson the son of Ramblin Rod is loaning NPS a Travel Air B for a new exhibit.

PAGA- Frank Lambert

  • None

Aero Maintenance- Bill Gough

  • Mr. Williamson’s staff is taking care of a lot of maintenance issues at the airport. As well as driving off the birds.

Airport Manager Topics

  • Working with City of Vancouver’s Community Economic Development department as well as the CCRA/DRA to change the Vancouver Municipal Code related to building heights and approval, with input from the Airport Manager.
  • The FAA has issued regulations for commercially operated drones.  This doesn’t address recreational drones other than to require them to notify the airport manager if they are operating in Pearson’s airspace.  Mr. Williamson and Mr. Walker are trying to keep track of the many recreational operators. There are also NPS director’s orders that do not allow drones to fly from a national park property.
  • Door installation is tentatively set to start at the end of the month
  • Accomplished Projects and costs include:
    • Pilots lounge restroom -12K, flooring and painting – $23,000
    • 105 building HVAC system – $23,000
    • LED security light replacement on the T-Hangars - $19,000 (2.5 year ROI)
    • LED lighting replacements on the runway will save the airport $700year
    • Hanger door seals project is 60% complete
    • West gate repair - $3500
    • Security Cameras – $5,000
  • Top three airport funded projects for 2017
    • Above ground fuel system
    • 101 Door – estimated $150,000
    • 105 office space exterior renovation
  • Environmental Assessment if moving forward. There are no protected /watch-ist species at the airport.

AAC Administrative Items

We are moving back to monthly meetings


  • All of the airspace issues have been finalized and codified in a Part 93 SFRA.
  • PDX Tower staff is working on getting the Part 93 information and Letter to Airmen back into the VFR Chart Supplement.
  • AAC desires the airport informational brochures be display better.
  • Paul Montague is being added to Planning and Operations Subcommittee.

Finance: no update
Planning: NPS lease information will be provided at the next AAC meeting.

AAC Action Items Review

  • Continue the conversation with the NPS leadership team.
  • Follow up on the CCRA/VMC with regards to construction height.

Citizen Communication

Paul Lawson would like more communication from the airport manager regarding airport information in the form of a newsletter. Can we use PAGA to disseminate information? Or hang information in the pilots lounge?

Where are we now?

One bond has been paid off as of December 2016. The second bond is $69K per year and will be paid off in December 2018.  The available revenues will be used for:

  • Airport development with new hangars and/or box hangars initial costs.  The new hangars will be self-supporting.
  • Completing deferred maintenance
  • Cost share for FAA grants (runway, taxiway, aprons)

Open Discussion

The AAC did a great job getting the airport in front of the city’s radar.
Would like to see in the future: improved entrance, fly-ins, and better connection with museum.


No items

Meeting Adjourned at 1:42 p.m.  Next meeting (on the new schedule) will be Tuesday, February 14th from noon-1:00 p.m.

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