Aviation Advisory Committee Meeting - DATE CHANGE - WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12TH AT NOON

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 12:00pm

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Approval of Minutes for July 12, 2016 and review of meeting notes for August 9, 2016

Partners Update (10 min)

  • Fort Vancouver National Trust – Garret Schmidt
  • National Park Service – Bob Cromwell
  • PAGA – Mike McGraw
  • Aero Maintenance – Bill Gough/Theresa Nelson

Airport Manager Topics (10 min) – Williamson

AAC Administrative Items (15 min) – Haldeman / Frost

  • Election of Chair and Co-Chair
  • Operations
  • Planning
  • Finance

AAC Action Items Review (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost

Where are we now? (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost / Williamson

Citizen Communication (5 min) – Haldeman / Frost

Open Discussion (optional) – Haldeman / Frost


    Members in Attendance:
    Bill Frost     Jay Haldeman    Ron May
    John McAleer    Shawn Suhrstedt    George Van Hoomissen    

   Members Absent:
    Kimberly Darin    

    Staff in Attendance:
    Willy Williamson    Jan Bader   

    Theresa Nelson    Bill Gough     Frank Lambert    
    James Kirby

Jay Haldeman called the meeting to order at noon.  He noted that the AAC is still short two members.  The City is revamping its board & commission process and has temporarily stopped all interviews.  Because the AAC requires five members to make a quorum, rather than the typical 50% of the members, Jan Bader is trying to see if Council will make an exception.

1.    Approval of Meeting Minutes

MOTION: Motion to approve the July 12, 2016 minutes; moved by Bill Frost and seconded by John McAleer; approved unanimously.   

2.    Partner Update

FVNT- Garrett Schmidt, PFEC
•    Sixty children attended PFEC’s summer camp.
•    Attendance at PFEC events is up 100% in the last year although the facility was closed for part of the previous year for remodel so it’s not a completely accurate comparison.
•    The kick-off meeting of Aviation Explorer Post 1905 will be Saturday, October 15th at 11:00 a.m.  There has already been a lot of enthusiasm for this new program.

NPS- Facilities Chief, Alex Patterson
•    NPS is excited about their new STEM partnership with the Evergreen Air & Space Museum.
•    Pearson Air Museum has a new plane on display, a De Havilland DH.4 Liberty that people are invited to stop by and see.
•    The Museum has been retrofitted with new LED lights inside and out. Next year NPS is planning on installing a new HVAC system (the current one is 20-years old).

PAGA- Mike McGraw
•    PAGA was pleased to support the recent Women in Aviation event.  40 girls attended, up from about 35 last year.

Aero Maintenance- Teresa Nelson and Bill Gough
•    Aero Maintenance Flight School received their 141 certification.  There is now student loan funding available for private pilots and Teresa is working on getting the colleges engaged in the program.

3.    Airport Manager Topics
•    The airport has received final approval from FAA and WSDOT Aviation Division for the grants to do the environmental assessments for upcoming projects.  That work will begin immediately and there will be a four hour closure of the Runway for survey work on October 20.
•    There are currently 12 people on the waiting list for hangars.  This is a significant improvement over the last few years.  Jay Haldeman pointed out that at its lowest point in 2011; the airport had seven hangars with cars and two vacant hangars.  Willy Williamson is estimating about 38,000 operations this year.
•    The FAA has issued regulations for commercially operated drones.  This doesn’t address recreational drones other than to require them to notify the airport manager if they are operating in Pearson’s airspace.  Willy and Joe are keeping track of the recreational operators.

4.    AAC Administrative Items

a)    Elections of Chair and Co-Chair.

MOTION: Bill Frost moved and George Van Hoomissen seconded:  Jay Haldeman for Chair.  Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Jay Haldeman moved and Ron May seconded:  Bill Frost for Co-Chair.  Motion passed unanimously.

b)    Sub-committee Appointments (Jay Haldeman will serve on all three committees)
•    Operations- Bill Frost, Chair plus the two new members
•    Planning – George Van Hoomissen, Chair; John McAleer
•    Finance- Kim Darin, Chair; Ron May, Shawn Suhrstedt
•    NPS Lease – John McAleer

c)    Operations Subcommittee Report- Bill Frost
•    Airspace issue with FAA has been resolved.  Pearson is now official Class E airspace. Jay reminded everyone to please thank the Congressional representatives for their help on this if you see them.

d)    Planning Subcommittee Report- John McAleer
•    The AAC Executive Committee (Chair, Co-chair and Subcommittee Chairs) met with Jan to review the NPS lease in more detail and talk about the next steps.  Thanks to the nudge from the AAC, NPS and the City reviewed the steps needed to develop the report that is due in 2020 and decided to begin drafting it.

e)    Finance Subcommittee- Ron May
•    Ron May mentioned the written report that Willy did on future development options for the Field and asked that it be forwarded to George Van Hoomissen and Shawn Suhrstedt.

5.    AAC Action Items Review
•    Jay reported that the AAC has been invited to give a brief presentation to the City Center Redevelopment Authority (CCRA) on October 20th.  The purpose is just to reinforce that Pearson is an important component of the City’s transportation infrastructure and remind the CCRA that decisions they make regarding downtown development have an impact on Pearson.  
•    Jan provided a quick update on a proposed development in downtown that could impact the Field.  FAA has already given approval for the building and it’s working its way through the City’s planning approval process.  The AAC has submitted comments and Willy is tracking the project closely.
•    Jay led a discussion on the frequency of AAC meetings.  

MOTION: George Van Hoomissen move and John McAleer seconded moving the AAC meetings to quarterly and expanding them to two hours to allow more time for discussion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Meetings will be the 2nd Tuesday in January, April, July and October.  The Executive     Committee will meet at least once in between the regular meetings and the Chair or Co-Chair has the ability to call additional AAC meetings as needed.

6.    Citizen Communication
•    Frank Lambert, who serves as the Field’s AOPA representative, recently attended a fly-in at Bremerton and had a chance to catch up with the AOPA leadership.  They are somewhat concerned about all of the issues they are hearing about at Pearson.
•    Frank also noted that the bond debt for the hangars will be paid off in the next couple years and Pearson will start generating additional net revenue. He would recommend the airfield reduce the hangar rent as the debt pays off.

7.    Where are we now?
•    No items

8.    Open Discussion
•    No items

9.    Other
•    No items

Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 p.m.  Next meeting (on the new schedule) will be Tuesday, January 10th from noon-2:00 p.m.


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