Citywide Brownfield Assessments Project

Aerial photo of Vancouver looking east along the Columbia River

The City of Vancouver is beginning a new project to identify and prioritize potential brownfield sites throughout the City, conduct environmental assessments on key individual sites to determine contaminants and issues involved, and develop clean-up plans if needed.

Brownfields are properties previously used for industrial or commercial activities that may have resulted in low level soil contamination from oil-related or hazardous materials. Redevelopment of brownfields can help to use existing land efficiently, and create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, potentially increase property values, and reduce health risks.

This project is intended to further these goals by working with interested property owners at key sites to determine their specific environmental constraints and facilitate clean-up if needed. More specifically, the project will allow for Phase I Environmental Assessments (reviews of existing studies and information) on up to 16 sites, and Phase II Environmental Assessments (soil samples and on-site testing) on up to 10 sites. Clean-up plans will be developed for four sites. Participation is entirely voluntary. The project is funded by a recent $400,000 Brownfields Community Wide Planning Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to complete the work over the next three years.

A local Task Force will be appointed to help oversee the process. Meetings will be open to the public. Look for more information on the site as the project moves forward. Below is a general timeline, and links for more information.

Anticipated Project Timeline
Spring 2014 Summer 2014 through 2015 Fall 2014 through 2016

- Review and update existing Vancouver brownfields information

- Convene Task Force

- Identify key subareas for potential focus

- Identify potential sites and interested property owners

Begin Phase I Environmental Assessments

- Begin Phase II Environmental Assessments

-Complete remediation (clean up) plans

More Information

Staff Contact: For more information or to be put on a mailing list for future updates, contact Bryan Snodgrass, City of Vancouver Community and Economic Development Department @ (360) 487-7946 or

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