Energy Code Forms & Information

Implementation of the 2015 WSEC took place on July 1, 2016.

Commercial and residential structures will see new changes in how their energy is used. Significant changes occur in space-conditioning systems, insulation and lighting.


2015 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) Commercial Provisions

Note that Commercial Provisions apply to all commercial occupancies, Group R-2 and R-3 occupancies greater than 3 stories above grade, and Group R-1 (all building heights).

WSEC Compliance Forms are required for the building envelope, lighting systems and mechanical systems.

Commercial details and compliance forms may be found at Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

  • Be sure to include a properly completed copy of the Plans Checklist page showing where evidence of compliance may be found on the plans (5th column).
  • Submitted forms must bear the seal of the responsible design professional if completed by a registered professional.


2015 WSEC Residential Provisions

Compliance publications and tools for residential changes may be found at WSU Energy Extension Program.

The City of Vancouver requires a completed Energy Code Prescriptive Form (2015) for all New Single Family, Duplex and Residential Additions.

Residential codes encourage a more efficient use of energy through leak and blower door testing, duct sealing, higher insulation values, indoor and outdoor lighting fixture efficacy requirements, and compliance of all space-conditioning systems, which includes air handlers, outdoor condensing units of a split system air conditioner or heat pump, cooling or heating coil or furnace exchanger.

Residential Energy Code Information & Forms

2015 Residential Energy Code Updates
Table R406.2 2015 Energy Credits

Duct Testing: This applies to all Single Family, Mechanical or Residential permits where a furnace is added or replaced. Duct testing is required and test affidavit must be submitted to the City, (see forms below), prior to final approval.

Please fax or email completed test affidavits to: Penny Hedval at (360) 487-7805 or

Air Leakage Testing
Duct Testing Standard
Duct Testing Affidavit (New Construction)
Duct Testing Affidavit (Existing Construction)