Fourth Plain Forward Background

Cover Page of the "Fourth Plain Forward Action Plan for Vancouver's Multicultural District"


The City of Vancouver's work on the Fourth Plain Forward initiative is guided by the Fourth Plain Forward Action Plan, completed in June 2015. This plan is intended to guide implementation of the economic development policies and goals of Vancouver’s Fourth Plain Corridor Subarea Plan, a comprehensive small-area plan adopted by City Council in 2007. The Action Plan establishes a targeted economic development strategy for the corridor by outlining five goals and recommending specific strategies and actions to help achieve each goal:

Goal 1: Cultivate a vibrant and welcoming business district

  • Allocate resources to organize and program the business district
  • ​Invest in existing commercial spaces

Goal 2: Stabilize and grow small businesses

  • Implement small business technical assistance strategically
  • Extend small business support to home-based microenterprises
  • Help small businesses and microenterprises access capital and build assets

Goal 3: Create a growth pipeline for food entrepreneurs

  • Implement projects and partnerships to catalyze the growth of food businesses

Goal 4: Prioritize pedestrian safety and access

  • Improve neighborhood connectivity to the corridor
  • Enhance pedestrian safety and comfort

Goal 5: Foster inclusive, transit-oriented development

  • Enhance regulations for transit-oriented development
  • Incentivize inclusive transit-oriented development

The Fourth Plain Forward Action Plan was created in collaboration with a team of students from Portland State University’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. For their work on the Action Plan, the student team received a national student planning award from the American Institute of Certified Planners in the category of "Best Application of the Planning Process.”

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