Frequently Asked Questions

Can you keep chickens in the city limits?
Chickens are allowed, however roosters and peacocks are not.
VMC 20.150 defines a domestic animal as any animal other than livestock. VMC 20.895.050 further states the general requirements of keeping domestic animals within the city limits and also excludes the keeping of swine, roosters and peacocks.

How long can I park my vehicle on the street in front of my house?
It is not the intent to prohibit citizens from legally parking a personal, licensed motor vehicle on a public street in front of their residence with the exception of recreational vehicles (see camping ordinance and commercial vehicles section VMC 17.14.290)

The City of Vancouver has adopted a policy to allow citizens to park in front of their property without being subject to the requirement for movement of the vehicle at least every twenty-four (24) hours provided that the vehicle is properly registered to the property owner, or resident, to where the vehicle is parked, the vehicle is properly licensed, in operational condition, legally parked, and the area of the street around the parked vehicle is maintained free of debris, leaves, vegetation and dirt. The vehicle needs to be moved or driven occasionally and not just parked on the street as a means of storage. 

How long of a period can garage sales be held?
Garage sales require no special permits or licenses as long as they fall within the following parameters:

  1. Sales last no longer than 3 days; and
  2. Sales are held no more than twice in a calendar year; and
  3. Sales are conducted on the owner's property. Multiple-family sales are permitted if they are held on the property of one of the participants.
  4. Signs shall be subject to VMC 20.960 and must be removed within 24 hours upon completion of the sale.