Land Use Review Required?

Depending on the zoning of the site, and the uses or developments that are proposed, a project may or may not require a land use review.

Land use reviews are required when the zoning code "triggers" a review of a specific use or development project. The regulations requiring a land use review can be found in the base zones, overlay zones, plan districts, and other sections of the zoning code, as well as within conditions of approval from past land use approvals on the site. For example, if a new non-residential development is 12,000 square feet or greater, a Type II Site Plan Review is required per VMC 20.270 of the City’s zoning Code.  For assistance in determining whether or not your project requires a land use review, please visit Land Use Review Staff in the Permit Center or call the Zoning Information Hotline at (360) 487-7903.

If you don’t need a land use review and your proposal meets all standards, then you can submit your building permit plans for review and approval.