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Before and after photos show a Fourth Plain building's improvement: new awning, signs, window frames, and newly painted facade

Adaptive Reuse Program

The Adaptive Reuse program provides targeted assistance to property owners of existing buildings that present significant challenges to redevelopment. Fourth Plain is one of two areas in the city where this program is available.

Adaptive Reuse webpage

Multifamily Housing Tax Exemption

The Fourth Plain Corridor is one of two target areas for the City of Vancouver Multifamily Tax Exemption Program. The program encourages new construction and rehabilitation of multifamily housing by allowing for an 8- or 12-year tax exemption for the approved value of the units. The 12-year tax incentive is available to developments that include affordable units.

Multifamily Housing Tax Exemption Program Factsheet
VMC Chapter 3.22 Multi-Family Housing Tax Exemption

Fourth Plain Corridor Overlay District

This special zoning district for the Fourth Plain corridor is intended to “facilitate transition to an attractive, consistent, and pedestrian-friendly streetscape that accommodates multiple modes of transportation, and supports long term economic development envisioned by the Fourth Plain Corridor Subarea Plan.” The zoning overlay reduces parking minimums for new development and for expansions of existing buildings.

VMC 20.580 Fourth Plain Corridor Overlay District

Transit Overlay District

This zoning overlay is voluntary and incentive-based and may be applied to properties at the applicant’s request. The standards are intended to encourage the use of alternative transportation modes and pedestrian- and transit-friendly development. The overlay reduces parking minimums for existing and new developments.

VMC 20.550 Transit Overlay District


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