City Charter

Vancouver’s City Charter was drafted in 1951 and approved by the voters in 1952. The Charter forms the “constitution” of city government and guides its structure and operations.

Amendments to the Charter can be proposed by City Council, or by citizen petition. They must be approved by the voters before taking effect.

The charter requires that every five years a committee of 15 citizens review the charter and recommend changes to the City Council. If Council approves the amendments, they will be submitted to a vote of the people.

Last amended by a vote of the people on Nov. 3, 2015.

Article I: Government

Article II: The Council

Article III: City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney

Article IV: The Budget

Article V: Bonds and Indebtedness

Article VI: Department of Finance

Article VII: Department of Personnel

Article VIII: General Development

Article IX: Nominations and Elections

Article X: Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Article XI: General Provisions

Article XII: Succession in Government