City Council Action Report :: April 2017

Press Release Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Vancouver City Council meeting

Highlights of the actions taken by the Vancouver City Council this month include:

Van Mall North Annexation

City Council approved an ordinance officially annexing the Van Mall North area into the city. The annexed area is approximately two square miles, located north of the Vancouver Mall, around the Green Meadows Golf Course. It is home to approximately 4,600 residents. The area is already primarily served by City fire, water and sewer utility services. After fully transitioning remaining services over from Clark County to the City, the change will go into effect in August 2017.

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RV and Boat Parking in Residential Driveways

Council approved amendments to Vancouver Municipal Code Titles 20 and 17 related to parking recreation vehicles (RVs), boats and travel trailers in residential driveways.

The action made the two code sections consistent with each other. It remains legal to park RVs, travel trailers and boats in residential driveways indefinitely, as long as the vehicles are operational, are not being lived in, are located on a paved surface and are not within the public right-of-way. Additionally, the ordinance now requires that parked RVs, travel trailers and boats also be licensed and registered.

Street and Utility Improvement Projects

City Council awarded several contracts in April for improvements to streets, sewer and water lines:

  • A $1.8 million construction contract was awarded to Intermountain Slurry Seal of Vancouver, Washington, for the slurry sealing, chip sealing, cape sealing and micro-surfacing of 70 lane miles on various streets throughout Vancouver this summer.
  • A $720,819 construction contract was awarded to Wildish Standard Paving of Eugene, Oregon, for installation of sidewalks on the west side of Rossiter Lane and on the east side of Neals Lane north of Fourth Plain Boulevard in the Fourth Plain Village neighborhood.
  • A $589,115 construction contract was awarded to Integrity Excavating & Construction of Battle Ground for the installation of 73 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps on various City streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced in 2017. The ramps will be installed before paving work begins.
  • A $336,146.91 construction contract was awarded to Halme Excavating, Inc. of Battle Ground for the replacement of water mains on West 28th Street, Grant Street and Daniels Street in the Carter Park neighborhood.
  • A $313,188.20 construction contract was awarded to Tapani, Inc. of Battle Ground for the installation of 1,145 lineal feet of 8-inch gravity sewer pipe on NE 21st Street and NE 124th Avenue in the Landover-Sharmel neighborhood.


Law Enforcement Agreements

City Council voted to authorize the City Manager or his designee to sign two updated agreements related to law enforcement activities and partnerships:

  • The Law Enforcement Council Regional Pursuit Agreement, which establishes interagency guidelines and identifies expected behavior for vehicular pursuits by law enforcement agencies in Clark County.
  • Mutual Law Enforcement Assistance Agreement for Clark-Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force, which provides for the support and preservation of the task force.



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