City Council Action Report :: March 2017

Press Release Date:
Friday, March 31, 2017
Vancouver City Council Chambers at City Hall

Highlights of the actions taken by the Vancouver City Council this month include:

2017 City Council Retreat Report

City Council approved a summary report of its February retreat. At the retreat, Council:

  • reviewed accomplishments from 2016
  • received an update on the City’s economic outlook from Regional Economist Scott Bailey
  • reviewed a fiscal benchmarking study by Financial Consultant Paul Lewis
  • discussed how to fund the initiatives included in the City’s Strategic Plan
  • discussed how to engage the community in developing a structural solution to fund a full range of city services
  • learned about an upcoming city-to-city leadership visit between Vancouver/Portland and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Read the summary report.

Clark Regional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

After a public hearing, Council voted to adopt a regional natural hazard mitigation plan developed with a coalition of local government agencies, led by the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA). Council also adopted a secondary plan focusing on mitigation of natural hazards within the city of Vancouver.

The plans detail the natural hazard risks within the city and county and lay out action items that need to be addressed by local jurisdictions in order to reduce or eliminate losses from natural hazards, such as flooding, earthquakes and severe weather.

Pervious Pavement Replacement at City Facilities

Council awarded a $961,074 construction contract to Keystone Contracting, Inc. of Ridgefield for the replacement of sections of pervious pavement in the parking lots and driveways at the Firstenburg Community Center and the Vancouver Police Department’s East Precinct that are deteriorating, creating trip hazards, and no longer draining as designed.

The pervious pavement will be replaced with pervious pavers, which will still allow stormwater to infiltrate into the ground, have a much longer life span than pervious pavement and are easier to maintain.

Sale of Surplus Vehicle to Share for Downtown Litter Removal

City Council voted to approve the sale of a City-owned vehicle that is no longer in use to Share for use as part of an organized effort to remove litter from public areas around Share House and Open House Ministries in downtown Vancouver. The purchase price of the vehicle ($3,206.65) will be paid for using grant funding awarded to Share for this purpose by the City in December 2016.

Curb Ramp Installation Contract

City Council awarded an $880,800 construction contract to Advanced Excavating Specialists of Longview, Washington, for the installation of 108 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps on various City streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced in 2017. The ramps will be installed before paving work begins.

The Messenger Newspaper Contract

Council authorized the City Manager or his designee to sign a five-year contract with Sequence Graphics LLC of Vancouver for editorial, design and advertising sales services for the City’s monthly newspaper for people age 50 and over, The Messenger. The Messenger newspaper is wholly funded by advertising revenue and private donations.

Learn more about The Messenger.

Emergency Services Radios

City Council approved a request to spend $486,000 to purchase 123 new Motorola emergency services radios for use by the Police Department, Fire Department and City Manager’s Office. The radios will replace existing radios that will no longer be supported by Motorola after this year.

Labor Union Agreement

Vancouver City Council authorized the City Manager or his designee to sign the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the American Federation of State, City and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO Local #307VC, which represents employees in the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments, and in the City Attorney’s Office. Key points of the agreement include:

  • 2 percent salary increase for members in 2017
  • The City agrees to contribute up to 5 percent of any increasing health insurance premium costs
  • Eliminate the six-month waiting period before new hires can begin using Personal Time Off they have accrued
  • Maximum allowed bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member was increased from three days to 40 hours



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