Article IV: The Budget

Section 4.01 Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the city government shall begin on the first day of January and shall end the last day of December of each calendar year. However, the Budget to be adopted shall be a two-year biennial budget as provided for by state law at RCW 35.34.040 and as presently provided by city ordinance. (As amended by vote of the people on November 7, 1989.)

Section 4.02 State Budget Law; Budget Message; Current Operations; Capital Improvements and Programs; and Supporting Data: The budget system of the city is governed by state law, which said law, with any amendments heretofore or hereafter made, is hereby recognized. The city manager shall perform the duties assigned to the auditor under the governing state law, and shall prepare and submit the budget and an explanatory message thereof to the city council containing:

1.Outline of proposed financial policies of the city for the budget year;
2.Important features of budget plan;
3.Reasons for any important changes from previous year in cost and revenue items;
4.Explanation of any major changes in financial policies;
5.Statement of pending and newly proposed capital projects, down payments, and other proposed expenditures for capital projects, including the respective amounts proposed to be raised therefor by budget appropriation, and the respective amounts, if any, to be raised therefor for the issuance of bonds during the budget year;
6.A capital program of proposed projects for the five fiscal years next succeeding the budget year, together with the city manager's comments thereon and any estimates of costs prepared by any other department, agency, or office. The city manager shall attach to the budget message supporting schedules, exhibits, and other explanatory material relating to current operations and capital improvements which are beneficial to the city council shall be attached to the budget message.