Article VII: Department of Personnel

Section 7.00 Personnel Regulations: The city council shall by ordinance provide for the administration of the personnel affairs of the city, said ordinance to be consistent with state law and with other provisions of this charter. (As added by vote of the people on November 6, 1984, at which election the people repealed former Sections 7.01, 7.05, 7.06 and 7.07.)
Section 7.02 Fire and Police Departments: Fire and police employees who are required by state law to be covered by civil service shall be covered by civil service by an ordinance to be enacted by city council which shall substantially accomplish the purposes of state civil service laws now or henceforth set forth in R.C.W. Chapters 41.08 and 41.12. (As amended by vote of the people on November 3, 1987.)

Section 7.03 Civil Service; Persons Excepted Therefrom: The city council may, by ordinance, establish a system of classified civil service for other employees of the city, excepting, however, the following:

1.Members of the city council;
2.The city manager, the city clerk, the city attorney, police judges, municipal judge, and the directors of departments;
3.One principal assistant or deputy and one private secretary to each of the persons named in subdivision (2) of this section;
4.Members of boards and commissions in the city's service;
5.Persons employed to make or conduct a special inquiry investigation, examination, or installation, if the city council or city manager certifies that such employment is temporary, and that the work should not be performed by employees in the classified service.
Section 7.04 Relief and Pensions: The general laws of the state relating to relief and pensions for firemen and for policemen in cities of the first class are recognized as applicable to the police and fire departments of this city.

Section 7.08 Pay Plan: The personnel director shall prepare for the city manager a standard schedule of pay for employees of the city. The city manager shall submit the pay plan to the city council with such changes as desirable and such plan shall take effect when adopted by the city council. Amendments to the pay schedule may be adopted by the city council from time to time. Rates of pay established by the pay plan shall not be modified except by the amendment of the plan.

Section 7.09 Fair Standards: Rates of pay for all positions in the service of the city shall be as far as practicable equal to the current level of pay for similar services in private employment. Hours of labor shall likewise conform as far as is practicable to the standards of private employment in similar work.

Section 7.10 Prohibitions: The city shall prohibit discrimination, in all its programs and activities, on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religious opinions or affiliations, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, pregnancy, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability, military status, status as a veteran or any other protected status under applicable law. No persons seeking appointment to, or promotion in, the service of the city shall give cause to be given any money or other thing of value to any person in connection with such appointment or promotion.  No person shall in any manner solicit or be concerned with soliciting any contribution for any political purpose from any city employee.  No person shall commit any fraud or deceit tending to defeat the purposes of this article or in connection with any appointment or promotion in the city service.  Any person who is convicted of violating any provision of this section shall, in addition to any other penalties provided by law, be ineligible for appointment or employment in the city's service for a period of five years, and shall, if an officer or employee of the city, immediately forfeit such position.  (As amended by vote of the people on November 6, 1979, and November 3, 2015.)