Firstenburg Community Center Work Parties

FCC Volunteer

Firstenburg Community Center (FCC) serves thousands in the community each year. In 2015, over 285,000 people visited the center and utilized the pool, gym, free play area, Trapedero II senior center and more. FCC is a place for many to play, get healthy and enjoy every day. 

People thrive at Firstenburg and so do the plants and weeds outside the center. We love it why wouldn’t the plants too? The invasive plants and weeds need to go and we are asking volunteers to help us make it happen.

In September, we will host three different work parties to help the Firstenburg campus shine.  Volunteer alongside the Hewlett-Packard Firstenburg campus adoption team. Simply show up to the event or you can RSVP in advance.

Upcoming Events

January 27 - Mulching event

January 28 - Tree Planting event

Previous Events

September 10

September 22




Firstenburg Community Center
700 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98684