Neighborhood Association Liaisons

Neighborhood Liaisons are City employees who are managers and supervisors specifically appointed for an indefinite term by the City Manager to be responsible for and accountable to a recognized Neighborhood Association. Liaisons are selected based upon their skills and experience or upon their expressed desire and ability to serve in this role.

Neighborhood liaisons do not set agendas for neighborhood meetings, but may assist the neighborhood leaders with contact information for speakers if requested.

The Role of a Neighborhood Liaison is:

•To get to know the neighborhood, its officers and its residents.
•To put a name and a face to City government and City Hall, modeling how the City conducts business through the Operating Principles.
•To attend neighborhood meetings and functions and to serve as a link between the neighborhood and City Hall. To deliver timely information from the City to the Neighborhood Association, as well as from the Association back to the City by providing a written summary of the neighborhood meetings and/or issues to the Office of Neighborhoods and the City Manager (this communication is also sent to the neighborhood Chairperson).
•To respond with facts and information requested by the Neighborhood Association at neighborhood meetings and functions, over the phone, and via mail or email.
•To maintain an ongoing relationship with the members of the Neighborhood Association. To provide continuity among and support to neighborhood leadership.
•To help Neighborhood Associations become more self-sufficient and independent as they work through issues and solve problems. This is done by connecting Neighbors to the appropriate contacts within the City and other Community Organizations, and by offering advice when appropriate.
•To be helpful with a “can do” and “how can we help?” attitude.