Speakers List

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Christina Marneris, Community Services Program Supervisor, 201 NE 73rd St., #201, Vancouver, WA 98665-8343; (360)735-5728 or marnecr@dshs.wa.gov 

Presentations on Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington, Having Difficult Conversations with Mom and Dad, the Caregiving Journey and Gatekeeper Program

Arthur J. Curtis Children's Justice Center

Mary Blanchette Mary.blanchette@clark.wa.gov; (360)397-6002

We are a multi-disciplinary agency who investigate and prosecute felony and misdemeanor child sexual abuse cases under the age of 16 years, and felony physical abuse cases under the age of 16 years. We have sworn Vancouver Police and Clark County Sheriff and Detectives, Prosecuting Attorneys, Social Service Liaison and Child Protective staff assigned to our unit.

Attorney General of Washington Consumer Protection Division

Eric Moss -1220 Main St., Ste. 549, Vancouver, WA 98660: (360) 759-2150 or EricM5@atg.wa.gov.

Presentations about the Attorney General’s Office, the Consumer Protection Division, Lemon Law, the Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program, and a variety of topics covered by the Consumer Protection Act.  Some topics include but are not limited to: Identity Theft, Senior Scams, Car Buying Scams (For Teens and Adults), General Scams and Fraud, Immigration Services Fraud, and many more which can be found at http://atg.wa.gov/consumer-issues. 

Attorney General of Washington Wing Luke Civil Rights Unit

Office of the Attorney General, Civil Rights Unit, 800 5th Avenue, Suite 2000, Seattle, WA  98104, (206) 442-4492 or toll free at (844) 323-3864 or CivilRights@atg.wa.gov.

Presentations on Civil Rights in Washington State, What Are Civil Rights?, How to Identify and Report Suspected Civil Rights Violations,  and more which can be found at http://atg.wa.gov/wing-luke-civil-rights-unit. For a downloadable Civil Rights Resource Guide click here.

Bonneville Power Administration

Dawneen Dostert, Realty Specialist, Real Property Field Services, P.O. Box 3621, TERR-3 Portland, OR 97208-3621: (503) 956-8808.

“Keep the Way Safe”
Our presentation covers how landowners and BPA can work together to keep the transmission line rights-of-way clear for safety and service. We explain the differences between BPA's transmission lines and local distribution lines; we describe the land rights BPA acquires; we clarify what uses of the rights-of-way may pose a safety hazard or interfere with BPA's use; and we provide examples of what uses may be compatible. Our engineers also provide examples of public safety issues associated with high-voltage transmission lines.

Keeping the Way Clear for safe, reliable service

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington

Alison Lauderdale, Club Operations; (360) 448-7089; alison@mybgc.org

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington's mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most to reach their full potential, and productive, caring and responsible citizens. We do this by providing young people with a safe, positive place to go after school. Here locally, we have four Clubhouses across Vancouver. We serve young people from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and run structured programs in education and career development, health and life skills, sports fitness and recreation, character & leadership, and the arts. We currently serve over 3,000 kids each year in Vancouver. For more information visit www.mybgc.org.

Clark College Welcome Center

Tyler Bieber, Student Recruitment Specialist; (360) 992.2560; tbieber@clark.edu

Clark College has programs that specialize in adult learning programs for students over the age of 21, including high school completion programs, the new Bachelors of Applied Management degree, and resources that can be utilized by students and community members alike.

Clark County Assessor’s Office

Peter VanNortwick, Clark County Assessor: (360) 397-2391; peter.vannortwick@clark.wa.gov

Presentation on Property Tax 101 and Senior Citizen/Disabled Persons Exemption Program.

Clark County Gatekeeper Program - Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities

Jennie L. Deibert; Information and Assistance Specialists. deibejl@dshs.wa.gov; (360) 694-8144.

Gatekeeper Training available to teach community members and businesses to recognize signs that a vulnerable adult is in need of assistance and where to your concerns to. Each session is 2 hours and limited to 20 people.

Clark County Public Health

Lynn Johnson, Health Systems Program Coordinator; Center for Community Health, 1601 E Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98666-8825 (360) 397-8020; lynn.johnson@clark.wa.gov

Learn more about how health care changes will affect you and your family. We’d be happy to attend your neighborhood meeting and answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act.

Columbia River Mental Health Services

Pat Stryker, Development and Community Relations Director, P.O. Box 1337 Vancouver, WA 98660: (360) 993-3049 or pats@crmhs.org

Services provided by CRMHS. Note: Not including discussion of mental health topics.

Community and Economic Development

Chad Eiken, Community and Economic Development Director 415 W. 6th Street Vancouver, WA 98668-1995: (360) 487-7882 or chad.eiken@cityofvancouver.us

  • Overall CED Department; Waterfront Development; Chad Eiken; 487-7882
  • Code Compliance; Minimum Property Maintenance; Jeri Newbold; 487-7840
  • Economic Development/Business Recruitment; Teresa Brum; 487-7949
  • Comprehensive Plan; Marijuana Laws; Bryan Snodgrass; 487-7946
  • Subarea Plans (e.g. Fourth Plain, VCCV, Section 30, etc.); Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ); Sandra Towne; 487-7947
  • Land Use Regulations/Critical Areas Permits/Tree Removal Permits/Shoreline Regulations/Environmental Review; Greg Turner; 487-7883
  • Building Code Issues; Sree Thirunagari; 487-7838
  • Transportation Planning; Patrick Sweeney; 487-7954
  • Neighborhood Transportation Planning (NTSA); Jennifer Campos; 487-7728
  • Development Review Process; Larry Vasquez; 487-7811, Greg Turner; 487-7883, Chad Eiken; 487-7882
  • Parking Enforcement (Downtown and Neighborhoods); Mike Merrill; 487-8658
  • Small Business Assistance/Food Cart Programs; Rebecca Kennedy; 487-7896
  • Housing/CDBG Programs; Peggy Sheehan; 487-7952
  • Annexation Program; Bryan Monroe; 487-7958

Community Mediation Services

Jane Harris, Executive Director, 300 East 17th Street, Suite 100: (360) 334-5862 or jharris@mediationclarkcounty.org

Community Mediation Services is a local non-profit that helps community members, businesses and organizations learn how to respond to conflict effectively and appropriately.  Our services include: family, landlord/tenant, parenting plan, divorce, elder care, and workplace dispute resolution services and workplace training and meeting facilitation services. Community mediation fees are low-cost and based on income.  Speakers are available to describe how conflict resolution services work, ways in which community members can become trained mediators and how our approach is helping build more peaceful and tolerant communities. You can solve it. We can help!


Chris Selk, Communication and Public Affairs Manager, (360) 906-7314 or chriss@c-tran.org;  Ronda Peck, Marketing/Community Outreach Administrator, (360) 906-7316 or rondap@c-tran.org;  Eric Florip, Public Affairs Coordinator, (360) 906-7391 or ericf@c-tran.org

C-TRAN maintains a speaker’s bureau that is equipped to present current information about C-TRAN service and public transportation in Clark County. We would welcome any invitation to do a formal presentation, answer participant questions, or to facilitate an informal community dialog about specific C-TRAN services and performance, or the general role of public transportation in our region.

Council for the Homeless

Executive Director 2500 Main Street Vancouver, WA 98660: (360) 993.9570 or director@icfth.com.

Homelessness is a complex issue with complex solutions. There are numerous causes of homelessness and numerous solutions; jobs, affordable housing, drug/alcohol dependency/treatment, livable wages etc. The Council for the Homeless mission is to end homelessness through prevention, advocacy, educating the community, comprehensive planning, coordination of programs and support to direct service providers.

Crime Victim Advocacy Program

Mindy Johnston, Program Coordinator & Crime Victim Advocate, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, 3600 Main Street, Ste. 200, Vancouver, WA 98663; (360) 694-3644 x23; mjohnston@lcsnw.org

Brenda Huffstutler, M.S.W., Crime Victim Advocate, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, (360) 694-3644 x35; bhuffstutler@lcsnw.org; Bonnie McFadden, Crime Victim Advocate, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, 360-694-5624; bmcfadden@lcsnw.org 

Information about how the Crime Victim Advocacy Program with Lutheran Community Services Northwest works to support people and communities who have been victims of crime in Clark County.  Crimes include: Arson, Assault, Burglary, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Fraud, Identity Theft, Kidnapping, Missing Persons, Hate and Bias Crimes, Gang Violence, Human Trafficking, Drunk or Drugged Driving and Homicide.  We are able to do educational workshops to discuss ways people might prevent victimization (like learning about identity theft or human trafficking) and offer direct support or connect people to resources that will help them get stabilized after a crime has been committed.  We are also able to support victim/offender meetings if initiated by the victim and both parties are ready and willing to go through the process.

Disaster Preparedness

Ham Radio Operators: EYEWARN/Clark County Amateur Radio Club

John Gaynor, eyewarn@eyewarn.net

EYEWARN Information Net is a disaster information-gathering group. It is a group of licensed amateur radio operators throughout Clark County who provide visual reports in areas where there is an emergency or has been a disaster. The group is activated by the Clark Regional Emergency Service Agency (CRESA) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and these radio operators are a crucial link in the community's ability to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively. EYEWARN is sponsored by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, however operators do not have to be club members to participate.

Map Your Neighborhood: Neighborhoods Prepared for Disaster Response

Judi Bailey, Neighborhoods Program Manager at (360) 487-8608 or judi.bailey@cityofvancouver.us.

Knowing what to do in the first hours of a disaster may help save lives, reduce the severity of injuries, and reduce the amount of damage the neighborhood sustains. To assist neighborhoods, the City of Vancouver provides training at the association level to help neighborhoods become mapped and prepared to face the unexpected.

Check out these websites for more information: www.emd.wa.gov

Family Caregiver Support Program

Lexie Bartunek, Community Program Coordinator, 201 NE 73rd St, #201, Vancouver, WA 98665-8343; (360) 735-5728 or bartuqa@dshs.wa.gov

Presentations on: Family Caregiver Support Program, Resources for Seniors, Adults with Disabilities and Positive Approach to Care

Fire Corps

Alicia Perry, Deputy Fire Marshal and Fire Corps Volunteer Coordinator Alicia.Perry@cityofvancouver.us

Fire Corps is a volunteer program within the Vancouver Fire Department. See information under Vancouver Fire Department.

Fort Vancouver National Trust

Cara Cantonwine, Director of Programs & Donor Relations, Celebrate Freedom programs and events, (360) 992-1804 or cara.cantonwine@fortvan.org

Development projects at the Reserve, Celebrate Freedom, Flag Day, Veteran’s Day, Marshall Lecture, 4th of July, and other events at the Reserve.

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, 1007 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver WA 98663 - Janet Alder, FVRL Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, to arrange for a speaker: jalder@fvrl.org or (360) 906-5022. General District Phone Number: (360) 695-1561

Speakers are available on a wide of variety of topics -- including book talks, resources for small businesses, genealogy and other research at the library, general information about using the library and/or its resources, the importance of encouraging and modeling reading for young children, the role of the library in the community, and many more. Just let us know what your group is interested in, and we can tailor a presentation for you.

Friends of Trees

Megan Van de Mark, Neighborhood Trees Coordinator; (360) 487-8324; meganv@friendsoftrees.org

  • Neighborhood Plantings with Friends of Trees: Friends of Trees organizes annual planting events in any neighborhood interested in participating. Volunteers help homeowners plant discounted trees to beautify the neighborhood. There are year round volunteer opportunities available.
  • Vancouver Urban Forestry: learn about volunteer opportunities and upcoming educational events.

Gang Affiliation Prevention: Safe Communities Task Force

Josh Beaman, Program Coordinator; Clark County Youth House, 1012 Esther St., Vancouver, WA 98682; (360) 397-2130, Ext. 5204; josh.beaman@clark.wa.gov

The Safe Communities Task Force seeks to help at risk youth and prevent gang affiliation by providing education, increasing communication and coordination among community agencies, and disseminating resources available to parents. The task force meets monthly and invites neighborhood associations and social services for young people to join them.

Gardening – Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center

Topics Include: Composting, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Sustainability,Columbia Springs, Volunteer Opportunities, and Environmental Restoration.

Habitat for Humanity

Josh Townsley, Executive Director, 521 E 33rd Street, Vancouver, WA 98663: (360) 737-1759 or info@Ehsh.org For presentations, contact Angie Lyons angie@ehfh.org or (360) 737-1759.

Areas that we can cover include: Habitat for Humanity’s work in Clark County; Habitat for Humanity’s work globally; the need for affordable housing; and volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Mark Haley, Business Relations Director, 10811 SE 2nd St., Vancouver, WA 98664: (503) 535-9141 or mark@pdxrestore.org

ReStores raise funds for the Habitat for Humanity Affiliates in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan areas while keeping usable materials out of the landfill. The funds raised help build affordable homes for local low income families. The materials sold are donated new and used building materials that would otherwise have been discarded.

Health Insurance Assistance

Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA)

Sarah Clark, SHIBA Program Manager; 5411 E Mill Plain Blvd, Ste. 20, Vancouver, WA 98661; 1 (800) 562-6900  sarahc@lowercolumbiacap.org

SHIBA, part of the Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioners consumer protection services, offers free, un-biased and confidential information about Medicare and other health care insurance choices.

Sea Mar Community Health Centers; 1 (855) 289.4503

We assist people with the following: Washington Apple Health, Purchasing insurance through the “Obamacare” (During Open Enrollment Only), Applying for Basic Food Assistance, Cash Assistance, Medicare savings program, etc. through WA Connections (DSHS)

Home Ownership Assistance

CHRC (Community Housing Resource Center) 103 E 29th St, Vancouver, WA 98663  

Kevin Gillette, Executive Director (360) 690-4496 ext. 101; Charlene Dahlen, Deputy Director  (360) 690-4496 ext.100; Neal McKeever, Program Manager (360) 690-4496 ext.102

An overview of the program services provided by the Center, Mortgage default, homebuyer education/counseling, financial management, credit restoration, obtaining & maintaining good credit, predatory lending, rental counseling, free tax preparation in partnership with AARP, post purchase counseling.

Opportunities in our community (Habitat for Humanity and other organizations).

Human Services Council

Colleen Kuhn, Executive Director, 120 NE 136th Ave., Suite 215, Vancouver, WA 98684; (360) 735.5711 or colleenk@hsc-wa.org

The Human Services Council is a local non-profit agency that provides volunteer, and transportation to the community. The mission of the Human Services Council is to improve people’s lives by connecting them to information services and resources to serve their individual & family needs.

Bill Baumann, Mobility Coordinator, 120 NE 136th Ave., Suite 215, Vancouver, WA 98684; (360) 735.5738 or billb@hsc-wa.org. The Mobility Coordinator is working to increase transportation and access to services for Seniors, People with Disabilities, Veterans, and other vulnerable populations within Clark County.  The Mobility Coordinator is available to give Transportation Options Presentations, which aim to educate about the available transportation options and resources within Clark County.

International Foster Care

Dianna Mendoza, Case Manager, International Foster Care/ Catholic Community Services; 9300 NE Oak View Dr., Vancouver, WA 98662;  Office: (360) 213.2431 or diannam@ccsww.org

Catholic Community Services provides a safe and stable environment through intensive case management where unaccompanied refugee youth receive support services while pursuing family reunification or transition to independent living. 

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Neil Degerstedt, Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman, 201 NE 73rd St. Suite 201 Vancouver, WA 98665; Direct Line: (360) 992-4076; Office: (360) 735-5720 Degernd@dshs.wa.gov

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is a program within the agency that assists vulnerable adults who reside in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes with low-level problem solving and complaint resolution.

Our presentations include:

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program- history, role, advocacy, and resident rights for long term care residents. Reduce the Misuse of Antipsychotic Medications- our educational initiative for decision makers of residents diagnosed with dementia.

Neighbors On Watch (NOW)

Kelly Cheney (360) 487.7467 kelly.cheney@cityofvancouver.us

See information under Vancouver Police Department.

Office of Neighborhoods & Community Outreach

Judi Bailey, Neighborhoods Program Manager, 415 W 6th St., Vancouver, WA 98668-1995: (360) 487-8608 or judi.bailey@cityofvancouver.us

The Office of Neighborhoods and Community Outreach provides city residents, staff and City Council with responsive, coordinated service that promotes collaboration and communication among residents and city government through recognized neighborhood associations.

Parks Foundation of Vancouver and Clark County

Temple Lentz, Executive Director,  415 W. 6th St., PO Box 61424, Vancouver, WA 98666; (360) 487-8370, Temple.Lentz@parksfoundation.us 

Topics appropriate for the Parks Foundation:  

Parks Foundation Community Grants Fund – overview of the program, application process and announcement of recipients.

Parks Foundation Membership – Engaging with the Foundation, becoming a member.

Pearson Field

Frederick (Willy) Williamson, Pearson Airport Manager, Contact Address: 415 W 6th Street Vancouver, WA 98668-1995. Physical Address: 101 E Reserve Street Vancouver, WA 98661 (360) 487-8619 or willy.williamson@cityofvancouver.us

The Pearson Field program provides administration and management over America’s oldest operating airfield. Services provide general aviation users storage space in T-hangars or tie downs and the use of a 3,275 foot all-weather lighted runway. City maintains runway, taxiways, runway lights and electrical systems, airport-owned buildings, and provides grounds maintenance. Additionally, Willy negotiates T-Hangars, tie-downs building and land leases and handles all questions regarding aviation, the airport and airplane noise for the City of Vancouver.

Police Activities League(PAL)

Jenny Thompson, Executive Director, (360) 487-7487; jenny.thompson@cityofvancouver.us

The mission of PAL is to promote positive relationships between officers and youth in the community through educational programs and recreational opportunities. Jenny will talk about:

1.The various programs and activities offered by PAL throughout the school year and how students of all ages benefit from those programs;

2. The partnership with law enforcement agencies and the role of officers in the programs/activities and how it impacts the lives of young people.

3. How the community can help contribute to the program.

Port of Portland

Port of Portland employees are available to do presentations on topics of interest. To schedule a speaker for your group or organization, please contact Abby Mullins at (503) 415-6051 or abby.mullins@portofportland.com. Mailing Address: PO Box 3529 Portland, OR 97208 Physical Address: 7200 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97218

Airport Futures (Portland International Airport Master Plan), Sean Loughran: (503) 415-6067 or sean.loughran@portofportland.com; or Lise Glancy: (503) 415-6519 or lise.glancy@portofportland.com

Port of Portland Facility Tours, Brooke Berglund (503) 415-6532 or brooke.berglund@portofportland.com 

Rachael Hoy is the contact for West Hayden Island at (503) 823-9715 or Phil Nameny at (503) 823-7709.

Port Noise Management, Phil Stentstrom (503) 415-6063 or phil.stenstrom@portofportland.com or PDXNoise@portofportland.com.  Information about the noise management program and questions or concerns about aircraft noise may be submitted through the website at http://www2.portofportland.com/Inside/NoiseManagement You may also call the Noise Hotline at: (503) 460-4100 or (800) 938-6647.

Port of Portland - Citizens Noise Advisory Committee (CNAC)

Robert "Kelly" Sweeney: (503) 720-1668 or ksweeney@easystreet.net

The Citizen Noise Advisory Committee (CNAC) is the official forum to address the community's aircraft noise concerns. Local jurisdictions (including the City of Vancouver) and the Port of Portland appoint the 15-member committee to represent residential and business concerns. CNAC was organized in 1998 as an official Port of Portland advisory committee on aircraft noise issues.

Port of Vancouver

Julie Rawls, Community Relations Specialist, 3103 N.W. Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA 98660.  (360) 992.1137 or jrawls@portvanusa.com.

Present information on the Port of Vancouver USA and it’s important role in the community.  Topics include:  the port’s waterfront development at Terminal 1, what’s new at the port,  tenants and commodities at the port, importance of the Columbia River to regional trade.   

Restorative Community Services

Sean Scrivner, 500 W. 11th St. Vancouver, WA 98666: (360) 397.2201 Ext. 4057 sean.scrivner@clark.wa.gov

I can speak to the work that the Clark County Juvenile Court is doing in our community for the victims, community, and the offenders. I can also speak to trends that we see with juvenile issues and what we as a court are doing to hold the youth accountable for the harms that they cause.

Senior Information and Assistance

Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities Jennie L.Deibert; Information and Assistance Specialists. deibejl@dshs.wa.gov; (360) 694.8144.  

Presentation on services provided by Senior Information and Assistance and the Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities. Senior Information and Assistance is the main access point in the community for services and information for seniors, adults with disabilities and family caregivers.  Presentations can also be given on additional topics relating to seniors, adults with disabilities and their family caregivers. Please contact I&A for more information and details. Presentations are flexible depending on audience members and can be tailored to meet the needs of the group.

Southwest Air Pollution Control Authority/Southwest Clean Air Agency

Traci Arnold, 11815 NE 99th Street Suite 1294, Vancouver, WA  98682: (360) 574.3058, Ext. 111 Open Burn Line Info, Traci@swcleanair.org

Air pollution issues for our region, outdoor burning and asbestos. If there are specific issues to be addressed, the talk can be tailored to the group’s needs and concerns.

Southwest Washington Chapter of the Red Cross

3114 E. Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661; Phone: (360) 693-5821 x105

Community Disaster Education program provides speakers for preparedness presentations. Learn how to create a disaster plan for both work and home, and how to put together your own 72-hour kit.

Stream Team - Clark Public Utilities District (PUD)

Ashley King, Coordinator  aking@clarkpud.com (360) 992-8585 www.StreamTeam.net

The Stream Team is a volunteer driven stream restoration and environmental education program of Clark Public Utilities. Since 1992 the team has planted over 900,000 native trees to bring salmon back to Salmon Creek. Annually over 1,000 team members come together to do everything from planting trees and removing non-native plants to monitoring wildlife and stream quality. Enjoy an engaging presentation about the team and learn easy ways that you can save salmon in your own backyard!

Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department

Julie Hannon, Director, Vancouver Parks and Recreation, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995: (360) 487-8309 or julie.hannon@cityofvancouver.us Julie is available to talk about the city's system of parks and recreation program opportunities.

Vancouver Parks and Recreation - Firstenburg Community Center

The Center Director is available to give an overview of the eight year odyssey experienced from the early master plan days in 1998 to the grand opening of the new community center in February 2006; a description of the green architecture/sustainable design practices utilized at FCC.; three times each year, August, December & May update current program catalog and talk about new program opportunities at FCC for customers of all ages and abilities.

Angela Brosius, Center Director, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA  98668-1995: (360) 487-7003 or angela.brosius@cityofvancouver.us

Firstenburg Community Center Recreation services include: sports, fitness, dance, music, access to recreation, enrichment classes, teen center, Trapedero II, birthday parties, aquatics, indoor track, climbing wall and more. We also have meeting rooms, party rooms and reception rooms available for rent. Firstenburg is great for large functions such as graduation parties.

Vancouver Parks and Recreation - Marshall Community Center

Andy Meade, Center Director, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995: (360) 487-7098 or andy.meade@cityofvancouver.us

The Center Director is available to give a presentation regarding the 2007 renovation/expansion of the Marshall Center and to offer an overview of the recreational program opportunities at Marshall Center and the Luepke Senior Center for all ages and abilities. May, August and December are perfect months for a presentation because the staff could share copies of the current program guide, which is published three times each year.

Vancouver Code Compliance and Development Review

Sree Thirunagari, Building Inspector & Code Compliance Supervisor, 415 W 6th Street Vancouver, WA (360) 487-7838.

Minimum property maintenance standards, abandoned or junk vehicles, parking on unimproved surfaces. Code Enforcement staff can help a community improve livability through teamwork with neighbors. Abandoned vehicles on public streets and how to get rid of them. Parking on unimproved surfaces, how to report.

Vancouver Department of Public Works

Loretta Callahan, Community Relations Specialist, P O Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995, (360) 487-7731, or loretta.callahan@cityofvancouver.us

The City of Vancouver Department of Public Works is responsible for the administration of all planning, engineering and operation of the city’s multi-modal Transportation system.

Topics Include:

  • Specific Street Improvement Projects
  • Traffic Signals & Traffic System Management
  • Traffic Safety Corridors
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
  • Alternative Modes of Transportation
  • Regional Commute Trip Reduction
  • Pavement Management
  • System Planning and Policy Development
  • Transportation System Plan (TSP)
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Vancouver Farmers Market

Executive Director, Jordan Boldt: (360) 737-8298 or info@vancouverfarmersmarket.com

Vancouver Farmers Market at 6th & Esther in downtown Vancouver, offers an outdoor market from March - November. In its 27th season, the market has become a gathering spot for people of all ages and interests.

Presentation on issues around food, farmers markets, business/economic development, community development and public spaces.

Vancouver Fire Department

Alicia Perry, Deputy Fire Marshal; Alicia.Perry@cityofvancouver.us 7110 NE 63rd St. Vancouver, WA 98661 (360) 487-7212 or VANFMO@cityofvancouver.us

Vancouver Fire Corps; Alicia Perry, Deputy Fire Marshal; Alicia.Perry@cityofvancouver.us or vanfmo@cityofvancouver.us

Presentations available on request as resources allow.

Vancouver Police Department- West & East Precincts

Each precinct has two Neighborhood Police Officers who provide crime prevention and safety education and information to citizens within their district.

To locate your Neighborhood Police Officer and contact information go to: Neighborhood Police Officers

Neighbors On Watch (NOW); Kelly Cheney, Volunteer Coordinator, 2800 Stapleton Road, Vancouver, WA (360) 487-7467 or kelly.cheney@cityofvancouver.us

Additional information is available on the Vancouver Police Department website at www.vanpolice.org

Crime prevention on the Vancouver Police Department website is located at: www.cityofvancouver.us/police

Vancouver Urban Forestry Program & Urban Forestry Commission

Charles Ray, Urban Forester, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995: (360) 487-8328 or charles.ray@cityofvancouver.us

Jessica George, Urban Forestry Coordinator, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995 (360) 487-8308 jessica.george@cityofvancouver.us

Potential topics: Environmental, social and economic benefits of trees; the current status of our urban forest; proper tree care; neighborhood tree planting opportunities; Heritage trees; incorporating urban forestry & trees into Neighborhood Action Plans; funding tree planting projects; planting trees in natural areas and on school grounds; services provided by Urban Forestry; street tree ordinance and any other topic relating to trees in our community.

Volunteer Opportunities at the City of Vancouver

Hailey Heath, Volunteer Coordinator, PO Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995; (360) 487-8316; hailey.heath@cityofvancouver.us

How you can make a difference in your community when you volunteer! A broad range of volunteer opportunities are available, including Adopt-a-Park, Fire Corps, Neighbors On Watch, Neighborwoods Stewards, and more.

Volunteer Chore Services/Catholic Community Services, Carolyn Brown Program Coordinator;  9300 NE Oak View Drive, Suite A-2, Vancouver WA 98662; (360) 213-2403  Fax:  360-213-2404 CarolynB@ccsww.org  or  www.ccsww.org.  

Volunteer Chore Services is designed to help low-income elders and disabled adults stay in their homes for as long as safely possible.

Waste Connections Waste Reduction Educators

Josy Wright: (360) 449-8384 or the group's email: recyclehelp@wasteconnections.com

Speaker topics include:

  • Waste reduction, how to take out the trash less
  • What is recyclable in the City of Vancouver?
  • How to assess your home, apartment complex's waste
  • Landfills 101
  • Where is away?

YWCA Clark County

YWCA Clark County's mission is to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. YWCA speakers can address all topics related to our mission statement. More specifically, we can provide insight on sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, social change, youth transitioning out of foster care, healthy relationships for teens, and homelessness. Speakers are also available to give a general overview of all the programs offered at the YWCA. Please contact any of the people listed to arrange for a speaking engagement.