Safe Cooking at Home

Kitchen Fires

Cooking fires are one of the top causes of home fires in the US.

Here are the basics

Never leave cooking food unattended.

Loose clothing can catch fire from hot burners or gas stove flames.

Always keep a potholder, oven mitt and lid handy.

If a small grease fire starts in a pan, smother the flames by carefully sliding the lid over the pan. Turn off the burner. Do not remove pan or lid until it is completely cool.

Never pour water on a grease fire and only use a portable fire extinguisher as a last result to put out a fire.

Keep kitchen area clean and well organized. Prevent grease build-up on kitchen floors.

Vegetable oil has a lower flash point (536 Fº/ 280 Cº) than animal fat (670 Fº/ 370 Cº). All cooking oils will more readily catch fire when heated.

Use caution when lighting gas burners.

If there is a fire in the oven, close the door and turn it off. Call 911. Don't try to extinguish an open-door oven fire.