Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The City of Vancouver is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals. Therefore, the City will not discriminate in any employment practice on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, political or religious affiliation or opinion, color, national origin, marital status, military status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or any other protected status under applicable law.

An equal opportunity employer is one that complies with the various antidiscrimination laws by making employment decisions based on job related qualifications rather than an individual’s membership in a protected class. Equal employment opportunity does not require an employer to give preferential treatment to protected groups. Instead, the various federal and state laws designed to protect certain classes of individuals from discrimination generally require employers to provide similar treatment to similarly situated individuals.

The City conducts recruitment and selection efforts which encourage qualified, diverse candidates to apply for employment with the City. In addition, the City has developed a core committee and several sub-committees and task-forces to address issues of diversity in areas such as recruitment, selection, career development, training, and promotion. The Human Resources department is responsible for implementing and monitoring much of our workforce development and progress in this area. For more information or to share a concern in this area, please contact Human Resources by calling (360) 487-8417.