Glyph Singer

Glyph Singer scuplture

By James Lee Hansen
Location: Sculpture Garden, 9th & Broadway

The "Glyph Singer" is part of James Lee Hansen's Ritual series. Its actual title is "Glyph Singer No. 3.” It is a bronze  cast in 1976, and the casting is gone.

Mr. Hansen’s career started in Vancouver in 1950, after he graduating from the Portland Art Museum School. He attended on the GI bill after service in World War II. Mr. Hansen had the first bronze casting facility in Vancouver, which he built near the Burnt Bridge Creek where Highway 500 is now. He currently lives and works in North Clark County between Ridgefield, La Center, and Battle Ground. Mr. Hansen is a retired Professor Emeritus from Portland State University. He is in his 90s and still works in his studio daily. He was born in Tacoma and lived there until he was 11, but has been a lifelong resident of Clark County ever since.

Size: 87 inches tall, 65 inches wide, 37.5 inches deep.  “D., HANSEN 76” inscribed on upright.


Glyph Singer
9th and Broadway
Vancouver, WA