Pearson Field vs. College Park - which is the "oldest airport?"

AOPA Pilot Magazine, May 2014 Read the article from AOPA Pilot Magazine.

Local historians and aviators have long regarded Pearson Field as the oldest continuously operating airport in the U.S., based on the 1905 flight of a lighter-than-air dirigible. But College Park Airport in Maryland makes the same claim. Who is right? The May 2014 issue of AOPA Pilot magazine takes a look.

Read the article and decide for yourself, then watch some 1925 newsreel footage of the dedication of the field to Lieutenant Alexander Pearson, Jr. Pearson was a pioneering U.S. Army pilot, killed in an accident the year before. Look closely in the background and you’ll see the Interstate Bridge, still in service today.

"College Park vs. Pearson Field - Oldest airport debate flies on"