Spike Flower

Spike Flower by Manuel Izquierdo

By Manuel Izquierdo
Location: Sculpture Garden, 9th & Broadway

The Spike Flower was donated to the city in 1991. It was a gift to the city from the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington. Artist Manuel Izquierdo was a sculptor and woodcut artist born in Madrid, Spain. His family fled Spain after the Spanish Civil War in 1936, moving to Portland in 1942. He graduated from the Museum Art School (now known as the Pacific Northwest College of Art) in 1951, and taught there for nearly five decades.

Mr. Izquierdo received the Oregon Governor's Arts Award in 1991 and his work was displayed all over the country, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He died on July 17, 2009, in Portland. He has several works in Portland, including The Dreamer in Pettygrove Park, Silver Dawn in Wallace Park, and Unfolding Rhythms on Southwest Fifth Avenue between Oak Street and Stark Street.

The statue is inscribed with a quote from Mr. Izquierdo: “The possibility that there is such an accurate mechanism in the creation of an object that expresses and amasses an unknown geometry of feelings, ideas, and aspirations, which are unclear at the very beginning of conception and are discovered through the process of creation, is one of the wonders of human endeavor. These human efforts are driven by a sublime need to reveal the spiritual reality which humans have experienced from the beginning of recorded time.

Our Ancestors left a record of their lives, their myths, and their gods painted and carved on cave walls and cliffs. These paintings and carvings show an immediate and revealing visual language which was created out of the pure need to communicate with other humans.”

Spiked Flower
9th and Broadway
Vancouver, WA