Vancouver's Sister City: Joyo, Japan

Map of Japan and enlarged map of Joyo Japan

The Vancouver Rotary and the Joyo Rotary Clubs initiated the idea of starting a sister city relationship. With a lot of hard work and strong support from citizens of both cities, Joyo and Vancouver became official Sister Cities in October 1995.

Since that time, Joyo and Vancouver have enjoyed many formal and informal social, cultural and political exchanges such as children's art exchanges, one-on-one exchanges and a six-month employee exchange between the two cities.

About Joyo

The City of Joyo is located between two ancient capitals of Japan: Kyoto and Nara. It is situated in the center of the Yamashiro Basin and was founded on May 3, 1972.

The city extends 5.6 miles from east to west and 3.4 miles from north to south. The total size of the city is 12.64 square miles. As of March 2008, Joyo's population was estimated at 80,669.

Joyo has many beautiful public facilities, most notably Konosu-yama-undo-koen, their recreation zone which features a replica of Fort Vancouver, and Bunka Parc Joyo (Joyo Cultural Center) which features a banquet room, library, community center, folklore reference center and planetarium. The citizens of Joyo enjoy various events at the center, including concerts and exhibitions.

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Replica of Fort Vancouver in Joyo, Japan