Wendy Rose

Stainless Steel Sculpture of Wendy Rose on the Columbia River Waterfront

By Women Who Weld (Sharon Agnor, Wendy Armstrong, Sumi Wu, Jennifer Corio, Kathy Wilson, Terry Marvin)
Location: Columbia Waterfront Trail, one mile east of the I-5 bridge

Wendy Rose is off to work, celebrating the legacy of the women who entered factories and the labor market during World War II. She is seen stepping from the home to the industrial work world and into the future, crossing the dam that powered the shipyards. Wendy is surrounded by other local symbols of the era, which she is stepping out of and into the future. Wendy’s red polka dot scarf head is made of glass.

She stands in the James and Joyce Harder Memorial Plaza, which is named after the family who started Thompson Metal Fab, a metal fabrication company located on the original Kaiser Shipyard site. The sculpture honors the men and women who worked at the Vancouver Kaiser shipyards during WWII.

Wendy was sponsored by the City of Vancouver and the Fort Vancouver National Trust. She is about 10 feet tall and five feet wide, and cost $140,000.

Wendy Rose Sculpture
Columbia River Waterfront Near Beaches Restaurant
Vancouver, WA 98661