Winged Woman

Winged Women Sculpture

By Beth Heron
Location: Sculpture Garden, 9th & Broadway

Winged Woman was Beth Heron's second piece of commissioned public art.It was purchased for the Sculpture Garden by a private donor using the Southwest Washington Community Foundation in 1997. Winged Woman was designed and cast in Ms. Heron’s studio. The sculpture is bronze, which Ms. Heron prefers for its historical aspect. 

Ms. Heron has a Bachelor of Science in Art and a Master in Fine Art in Sculpture, both from Portland State University. She is a part-time instructor in art and welding at Clark College. 

According to her website, “When I cast, the fiery stream I pour connects civilizations past and present. Often, I will combine the cast bronze with stone, stainless steel and copper to create a rich contrast of materials.”

Early in her career, Ms. Heron was an assistant to James Lee Hansen, another artist with work in Vancouver.

Winged Women
9th and Broadway
Vancouver, WA