2014 Parks Comprehensive Now Available

Condos along the Waterfront Renaissance Trail in Vancouver, Washington

Parks, natural areas, and recreational opportunities are vital to the quality of life in our community. The Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Natural Area Plan is the primary framework for developing and managing park facilities in the City of Vancouver. It provides a six-year work plan and helps guide decision-making about park and facility development, as well as land acquisition.

What are the benefits of a healthy park system?

The Park Plan is a reflection of the community’s long-term goals and priorities for their city park system. The Park Plan, was founded on the mission of meeting community needs by providing an interconnected system of parks, trails, recreation facilities, and natural areas within the City of Vancouver that support environmental stewardship and diverse recreational programs and opportunities.

Comprehensive Parks, Recreation & Natural Areas Plan - 2014-2020 (FINAL)

Comprehensive Plan Documents

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