50+ Travel Driver

Volunteer Roger on the front step of a Parks & rec shuttle

Drivers need to be familiar or willing to become familiar with the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area and able to plan driving routes for all day-trips they are assigned up to distances of 150 miles away. They participate in 50+ Travel Program orientation and on-the-job training. To apply for this position contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 360-487-8344 or fill out an application online.

Duties & Responsibilities

Drivers will accept two to three driving assignments per month, generally within 150 mile radius of Vancouver. As a driver, you will plan the driving routes to destinations for every assigned trip. You should fuel van at the city fueling site after every trip, and follow van sign-out procedures, record trip mileage and fill in appropriate forms immediately upon return from trip. Complete detailed van safety and operation checks before and after trips, report any damage, safety issues or malfunction of van or equipment to the facilities coordinator immediately. Leave the van clean and tidy including collecting garbage and sweeping van interior after every trip. Provide travel planner accurate information on mileage, tolls and parking costs.

You should drive in an impeccable manner so that there is no possibility of criticism of speeding, tailgating or conversing while driving and handle emergency road situations calmly and competently. Drivers will attend monthly driver/escort meetings on the last Tuesday of every month.


  • You must be a mature adult of 40 or more years. Those 50 years of age or older must become a member of Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
  • Willing to substitute for other drivers when needed and able.
  • Healthy, alert, able and willing to walk 10-12 blocks and climb stairs comfortably.
  • Capable of driving both 15-passenger and wheelchair accessible vans safely and smoothly.
  • Flexible enough in personal schedule to be willing to take extra time, if needed, on day-trips.
  • Willing to drive for trips to destinations he/she is not personally interested in.
  • Able to deal with participants with a respectful, pleasant and helpful manner.
  • Willing and able to act in the capacity of a host/hostess on the trips and be eager to listen to participants rather than talk about his/her own personal life.
  • Attentive to assisting participants with a steadying hand when they are boarding/exiting the van.
  • Work cooperatively with other staff and volunteers.
  • Successfully complete 50+ Travel Program orientation, training and probationary period.
  • Cooperate fully with the policies and procedures of the 50+ Travel Program and the City of Vancouver’s Operating Principles and Basic Principles.
  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License and 5-year clean driving record.


All trips meet and begin at the Luepke Senior Center. Actual trip locations will vary.

Time Commitment

Year-round. Times and days will vary. Learn more about our Travel Program and view a list of upcoming trips.

Minimum Age

Volunteers must be at least 40 years of age.

Application Required?


Background Check Required?



As a volunteer you will not have to pay for your participation in a travel event or for first aid and CPR certifications (needed every two years). You may be reimbursed up to $12 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and $29 for any dinner that you pay for while out on an excursion. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to meet new people, build people skills, have fun and explore the Pacific Northwest!

For more information contact Becky Anderson at 360-487-7084.

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