Man hitting a volley during a tennis match at Vancouver Tennis Center

Myth: Tennis is an individual sport
Fact: Tennis is a team sport. So join a team, it's great fun!!!

The Vancouver Tennis Center offers USTA leagues for adults (and seniors), a Women's League and USTA Junior Team Tennis.

Leagues You Can Join

To join a Vancouver Tennis Center USTA team contact Mike Mon
To join a Vancouver Tennis Center Ladies’ City League team contact Robin Burak

League Fees

League Type


Team Fee

Ladies Greater Portland City League (fall and spring) Each 1/2 season $125
USTA Leagues (men and women) 5-match leagues Each season $125
USTA Leagues (mixed, seniors, and super seniors) 3-match leagues Each season $110

Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis is an organized, competitive USTA league run through the Vancouver Tennis Center. Teams are available for Fall, Spring and Summer seasons. Advancement to Sectional and National levels are available in the Summer season only.

A minimum of three boys and three girls are required to register a team. Teams with ages 10 and under play orange ball rules and require seven players of any gender. Each team also requires a parent manager.

Competition Levels

  • 18 and under Intermediate
  • 18 and under Advanced
  • 14 and under Intermediate
  • 14 and under Advanced
  • 12 and under Intermediate
  • 12 and under Advanced
  • 10 and under Orange Ball League
    • Orange Ball does not advance to Sectionals or Nationals

For more information about Junior leagues contact Robin Burak at 360-759-4449.