Portland (PDX) Citizen Noise Advisory Committee

Act on behalf of local Jurisdictions to address PDX noise concerns; monitor plan implementation; develop ideas and recommendations and participate on advisory committees.

Visit the Port of Portland website for more information

Advisory Committee consists of: Portland, 3 members;
Vancouver, 2 members;
Gresham, 1 member;
Combined Cities of Fairview, Troutdale, and Wood Village, 1 member;
Multnomah Co. (outside Portland), 1 member;
Clark County (Camas, Washougal Area), 1 member;
Washington County, 1 member;
Clackamas County, 1 member.

Meeting Time: Second Thursday of each month 6-8 pm. Meet twice per year in Vancouver

Number of members: 11 plus 4 at large members

Length of term: Three

Maximum terms: None


Mike Lee - Vancouver Craig Walker- Clark County
Beth Duvall - Vancouver Andrew Loescher - Clark Count (At Large)


Lisa Glancy, Port of Portland

Willy Williamson, Pearson Field Airport Manager