Auto Prowl Prevention

Vancouver Police Department
Who Commits Auto Prowl?

Thieves are often drug users looking to steal your valuables to sell to fuel their habit and not the type of people you want accessing your wallet, computer or other personal property.  Please do your part to prevent this crime by removing valuables from your vehicle before you leave your vehicle unattended! We have a downloadable flyer available to print, post and share.

Where Does Auto Prowl Occur?

Parking lots at health clubs, restaurants, trail heads, sports complexes, shopping centers and churches are favorite spots for thieves to hang out and watch for people to leave their cars unattended, look through the window for valuables, if they see something they want they simply smash the window out, grab the valuables and go. In addition your vehicle on a neighborhood street or in your driveway are also places thieves will look for opportunities to smash and grab. Not only do you have the theft but also damage to your vehicle to deal with.

What Items Do Thieves Look For?

GPS units, cell phones, laptops, briefcases, purses, wallets and other valuables are the top targets. Also the trunk is not a safe 'hiding' place since thieves will often watch someone pop the trunk, put their purse or other valuable in there and then when no one is watching they will smash the window, pop the trunk latch and make a quick getaway with the 'hidden' valuable. There are no places to 'hide' valuables inside your vehicle, thieves know all the 'hiding' places.


Keep your vehicle and your property protected, REMOVE VALUABLES FROM YOUR VEHICLE.