Background Investigation

Prior to employment with the Vancouver Police Department, the Background Investigations Unit will conduct a comprehensive on-site Background Investigation. This will include, but is not limited to examination and investigation of employment history, driving history, criminal history, financial history, military history, and general life history. A credit report will be obtained. Any pertinent military records will be obtained. Various other documentation may be obtained or required. Interviews will be conducted with employment and character references, both those provided by the candidate and those developed through the course of the investigation. A candidate can expect that both past and present coworkers, supervisors, spouses, family members, neighbors, friends, roommates, business associates, and leisure or civic activity associates may be contacted by a Vancouver Police Background Investigator. A comprehensive interview with the candidate is also conducted.

For additional information please contact someone in our Background Unit:

Sgt.Dave Henderson;
Det. Jamie Haske:
Det. Todd Schwartz:


Polygraph Examination

The applicant will be required to complete a structured polygraph examination with a certified Vancouver Police Polygraph Examiner.