Chief's Diversity Advisory Team

The Vancouver Police Department is dedicated to building relationships with residents throughout Vancouver.

The Chief’s Diversity Advisory Team (CDAT) currently  includes community members representing a wide range of communities including Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander, Slavic, Native American, Islamic and African American  as well as organizations that serve other people throughout Vancouver. This group of dedicated  community members acts as an advisory team to the Chief and the members frequently participate in department activities including police promotional panels and promotional testing development. Because of the relationships built through this group, Vancouver Police regularly attend and partner on a variety of community events hosted by the various organizations represented through the CDAT.

The group meets each month with the Chief of Police and other VPD staff  to keep the lines of communication open between the Vancouver Police Department and the communities they serve as liaisons to. 

CDAT Mission Statement

The Chief’s Diversity Advisory Team (CDAT) is comprised of citizens from the Greater Vancouver area representing diverse communities.  CDAT acts in an advisory role to the Chief of Vancouver Police Department on issues of significance to the community and the Police Department.

CDAT serves as a conduit for the Police Department and the Vancouver community to provide relevant ideas, different perspectives, and useful feedback to the Chief through two-way communication in an environment of mutual respect, compassion, and empowerment.

CDAT provides guidance to the Chief on policies, procedures and practices involving hiring and promotion of officers.  It also helps with community relationships supporting fair and equitable treatment of citizens and members of the Vancouver Police Department through effective law enforcement in the greater Vancouver area.

Meet the CDAT


Rosa Alvarado

Name: Rosa Alvarado

Organization/Community: Rosa Alvarado Scholarship Foundation

Language(s): English and Spanish




Name: Bob Andrews

Organization/Community: Vancouver NAACP

Language(s): English


Becky Archibald

Name: Becky Archibald

Organization/Community: Native American Indian;Shosone-Bannock tribal member, Southern Sierra MiwokNeighborhood advisor/leader, Vancouver and Portland community advocate. 

Language(s): English




Michelle Bart

Name: Michelle Bart

Organization/Community: National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE)

Language(s): English with resources to Spanish 




Name: Michael Bejenaru

​Organization: Sea Mar Community Clinic/Romanian/Eastern European

Language(s): English, Romanian


Dave Beke

Name: Dave Beke

Organization/Community: Catholic Community Services

Language(s): English


Michelle Hurdle-Bradford

Name: Michelle Hurdle-Bradford

Social Change Program Manager

Organization/Community: YWCA Clark County, African American Community

Language(s): English


Tim Cook

Name: Tim Cook

Organization/Community: Clark College

Language(s): English


Name: Khalid Khan

Organization/Community: Islamic Society of SW Washington (ISSWW)

Language(s): English, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and Arabic 


Diana Avalos-Leos

Name: Diana Avalos-Leos

Organization/Community: Vancouver School District

Language(s): English and Spanish



Name: Miyoung Maguire

Organization/Community: Korean Society

Language(s): English, Korean


Lynn Marzette

Name: Lynn Marzette

Organization/Community: NAACP

Language(s): English

Feliciana Peralto

Name: Felisiana Peralto

Organization/Community: Clark College/Education/Multicultural Services

Language(s): English


Rosalba Pitkin

Name: Rosalba Pitkin

Organization/Community: Clark College

Language(s): English,Spanish




Name: Terry Rodriquez

Organization/Community: City of Vancouver

Language(s): English, Spanish


Anna Schmasow

Name: Anna Schmasow

Organization/Community: Native American Indian community

Language(s): English and Dakota dialect of the Sioux language



Name: Pawneet Sethi

Organization/Community: Oregon and SW Washington Sikh Community

Language(s): English, Hindi, Panjabi, 



Name: Beatriz Velasquez

Organization/Community: LULAC/Feeding the Soul/YWCA

Language(s): English, Spanish