Neighborhood Response Teams

Mission of the NRT:

The Neighborhood Response Teams (NRT) address community livability issues through focused and proactive enforcement.  As a street level investigative team, the NRT supports both the patrol unit and high level investigative units by responding to crime trends.  The NRT members utilize a combination of crime analysis, criminal investigation and community based problem solving and collaboration to effectively reduce crime in Vancouver neighborhoods. The members of the NRT have extensive experience in specialty areas including fugitive apprehension, gang investigations, violent crime investigations, street crimes, and arson investigations.

About the NRT:

Each Vancouver Police precinct, East and West, has an NRT that is made up of 1 Sergeant and 4 Detectives. Each NRT also collaborates with the precinct's Crime Analyst and Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) to maximize their efforts by utilizing data collection and analysis and additional investigative resources. 

Focus of the NRT:

The NRT conducts short term street level investigations and transfers long term investigations to the appropriate specialty units.   

Detectives on the NRT bring individual specialty area expertise to the team and are also able to work across specialty areas.  Specialties  of the team include:

•Auto Theft Investigations
•Street Narcotics Investigations
•Street Level Gang Investigations
•Fugitive Apprehension
•Burglary/Pawn Investigations