Neighbors On Watch (NOW) Recruiting Additional Volunteers


Citizens in the City of Vancouver that are interested in making their neighborhoods safer are encouraged to apply for the Vancouver Police Department's volunteer program called "Neighbors On Watch (NOW)." NOW accepts applications year round and holds training academies several times per year. All volunteer applicants must successfully pass a screening process which includes: criminal background investigation, fingerprints, interviews, and reference check.

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If you want to see what Neighbors On Watch is all about, check out this video and hear from community members who are volunteering to be part of the solution!

Neighbors On Watch (NOW) citizen volunteer program

Positive relationships between the police, the community and individual citizens are extremely important and are vital to the success of Community Oriented Policing.  Consequently, citizen volunteer programs are an integral part of the community policing efforts of the Vancouver Police Department.  An especially important aspect of such efforts is the positive impact individual citizens can have on our community’s crime problems and quality of life issues.

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How do I become a NOW volunteer?

Please print the Volunteer Application and attach the required documents listed on Page 5 of the application. Return the completed application (see link at the bottom of this page) to the address noted on the application packet cover sheet.  To become a NOW volunteer, applicants must:

  • Be over 21-years old
  • Live in the city limits of Vancouver
  • Have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Successfully pass a thorough background investigation
  • Attend a 28 hour training academy
  • Commit to volunteer at least four hours per month
  • Be willing to coordinate with other volunteers to patrol city neighborhoods
Neighbors On Watch objectives:

•To assist the police department through observation
•To help reduce crime and improve the quality of life in in our neighborhoods
•To foster cooperation between citizens and police officers
•To educate citizens on crime prevention
•To create a high visibility, public presence in the neighborhoods
•To unite residents for a dedicated reason
•To increase crime awareness among the citizens of the neighborhoods
•To help make law enforcement more effective and productive
•To provide a safe, secure environment for all neighborhood residents
•To make a difference in your community


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The Vancouver Police Department continues to build our citizen volunteer program called Neighbors On Watch, or NOW.  If you have an interest in getting involved please contact Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Cheney at (360) 487-7467 or at


Current Volunteers

Visit the Volunteer Information Center to log service hours. 



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