RV Parking Information

Did you know that in order to park a recreational trailer, motor home or other RV on a City street a temporary RV parking permit must be issued? Many people don’t know the laws and ordinances regarding parking certain vehicles on public streets in the City of Vancouver. Here’s some information that will not only help you be a better neighbor but will also help reduce calls for service for our City’s busy Police and Code Enforcement officers.

In order to legally park a trailer (recreational), motor home or other RV on a public street in the City of Vancouver a temporary RV parking permit must be issued. Each permit is good for 7 days with a maximum of 14 days total per year per household. Applications are available at City Hall, 415 W. 6th Street, at the Building Permit counter, 1st floor. The process can take up to 48 hours for approval so planning ahead is important. Click this link for the downloadable application www.cityofvancouver.us/ced/page/parking-your-neighborhood.For more information on Parking in neighborhoods, including 

Recreational trailers and motor homes (without a temporary RV parking permit) boats, cars for sale and abandoned/unauthorized vehicles cannot legally park on public streets and commercial vehicles cannot park in residential areas.

  • If you see an abandoned/unauthorized vehicle parked in your neighborhood call Parking Enforcement at (360) 487-8653.

    •For commercial vehicles parked in residential areas and for boats, illegally parked trailers and motor homes or cars for sale on public streets please call Parking Enforcement at (360) 487-8653.  On evenings and weekends please call 911.