Sex Offender Unit (SONAR)

About the Unit

The Vancouver Police Department Sex Offender Notification Apprehension and Registration Unit (SONAR) was created in 2003 in an effort to better monitor registered sex offenders within the City of Vancouver. The general duties of the unit include registration, tracking and investigation of crimes that involve sex offenders who reside in the city. Currently SONAR has two full time Detectives assigned to it; Det. Rob Givens who can be reached at (360) 487-7419 or and Det. David Jensen who can be reached at (360) 487-7446 or at

The SONAR Unit has also provided community forums to various neighborhood associations, community groups, local schools, and the general public. If you are interested in having forum about sex offenders, please contact Detective Rob Givens.

The VPD SONAR Unit maintains a partnership with the Washington State Department of Corrections; specifically those sex/kidnap offenders who are on probation. This allows law enforcement to accompany probation officers when contacting offenders who are on active probation at their homes; this collaboration consistently results in numerous new criminal investigations, arrests and probation violations.

Other Law Enforcement Resources

The Clark County Sheriffs Office Sex/Kidnap Offender Registration Unit maintains the records for all offenders in the county, including those living in the City of Vancouver, and is responsible for maintaining and updating the sex offender website. In addition to monitoring and tracking the offenders registered in the un-incorporated areas of Clark County, they are also responsible for the monitoring of Transient Offenders, or those who claim to have no permanent residence. It is very common for transient offenders to be found in the City of Vancouver, and the SONAR Unit contacts these offenders on a regular basis.

For more information please contact the Sex/Kidnap Offender Registration Unit, SOR Detective, (360) 397-2284 or e-mail at

The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) maintains a unit of probation officers who are specifically assigned to monitor sex/kidnap offenders. DOC has the ability to limit where an offender may live, where they can go, and who they can have contact with. DOC also has the ability to place certain offenders on GPS tracking. For more information, contact the The Washington State Department of Corrections Special Needs Unit, (360) 571-4300; request to speak with an on duty Supervisor.

Additional Links:

Offenders Near Me

The Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chief's (WASPC) has a link on their web site to assist citizens with locating registered sex offenders in their area. Citizens can enter an address to find offenders living near them or can search for offenders by name. For more information on the Offenderwatch page please visit WASPC online at:

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

NCMEC is the nation's resource center for protecting children. Please visit them online for tips for child safety for both parents and kids. NCMEC has interactive games for kids as well as materials for teachers and parents. Visit them online at NCMEC

Shared Hope International

Persons convicted for some sex trafficking crimes are required to register as a sex offender. While it may seem that sex slavery and sex trafficking happens in far away places the truth is it occurs right here in our community. Shared Hope International is a non-profit agency, founded by former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith, that partners with local groups to help women and children enslaved in the sex trade by providing them with shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training opportunities. Visit them at