Backyard Wildlife Garden

Backyard Wildlife Garden

Inspiration is in full bloom at the Water Center’s natural Backyard Wildlife Garden. Take a self-paced tour through the demonstration garden to see how bringing nature’s best into your own backyard can eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides, increase conservation, enhance wildlife habitat, and contribute to the sustainability and health of our community.

The Backyard Wildlife Garden was funded by the Water Resources Education Center and Clark County Solid Waste’s Naturally Beautiful Backyard Program. Project partners included the Backyard Bird Shop and Mutual Materials.

Every time we plant, mow, water or control pests and plants around our homes and businesses, we make an impact on our water resources. Here are some tips to help you enhance or create your own natural Backyard Wildlife Garden at home:

Helpful gardening ideas:

  • Pick the right plant for the right place. Wherever possible, go native. Native plants are adapted to our climate and soil and can better withstand area pests.
  • Make every drop count. Use native plants, rain barrels and rain gardens to conserve water. When you do water your lawn and garden, water wisely. Water only when needed and only as fast as the soil can absorb the moisture. When you water deeply but infrequently, you help plants develop deep roots and healthy systems to ward off disease. Try using soaker hoses and drip irrigation methods.
  • Build and maintain healthy soil by using compost and “natural” amendments to the soil.
  • Eliminate chemicals, which harm water quality and pose a variety of problems for fish, animals and people. If you must use chemicals, use the most eco-friendly ones you can find and then only as a last resort.
  • Learn to tolerate a little impact on plants and lawn by pests and dry summer weather. Why not minimize the amount of space dedicated to lawn?
  • Attract beneficial insects and critters to increase pollination and decrease unwanted pests.
Planting at the Backyard Wildlife Garden
View of garden from above