City Cemeteries



Cemeteries Owned and Managed by the City of Vancouver

There are three cemeteries owned and managed by the City of Vancouver. These are:

Parkhill Cemetery - Located at 5915 E. Mill Plain Blvd., some early 1800s graves were moved to this cemetery. There are more than 25,000 burials at Parkhill Cemetery, which also remains  available to new interments. To contact the Parkhill Cemetery, please call 360-696-8156.

Old City Cemetery - Located at East Mill Plain and Grand Boulevard, the Old City Cemetery is surrounded by a tall iron and concrete fence. It is one of Vancouver's oldest established cemeteries.

Fisher Cemetery - Located at 16509 Evergreen Highway, Fisher Cemetery dates back to 1852, the oldest pioneer burial ground in Clark County, Washington. William Simmons donated an acre of his land for the site of Fisher Cemetery in honor of his wife, Ann J. Fisher Simmons.

Visit: Visitors are welcome and are encouraged to be respectful of others who have come to pay their respects.

Conduct on an online record search of City Cemeteries: Information about burial records and other genealogy interests can be obtained through this new online searchable database. Be sure to follow the instructions with the search tool and enter at least the surname, or last name, of the deceased. Please note that information in the City’s cemeteries database comes from information found on original records, as well as information gleaned from cemetery markers and monuments. Old records in particular can be difficult to read and may be incomplete or contain spelling inaccuracies.

Volunteer: The City of Vancouver has an active Volunteer Program with a coordinator who can help you find ways to effectively and safely make a difference in our community. To learn about volunteer projects to improve the appearance of city cemeteries and grounds, please visit the Cemetery Stewards webpage here or contact Hailey Health, Volunteer Coordinator, at 360-487-8316 or email


Parkhill Cemetery
5915 E Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA