Construction and Survey for Public Works

Survey photo

The Construction/Survey division of Vancouver's Department of Public Works provides contract management, survey and quality assurance inspection services during the contracting and construction of all public works water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roadway, traffic signal and illumination projects within City limits and/or the City's water/sewer provision area, depending upon the project.

Our Construction/Survey division consists of three teams:
Capital Construction Team: Provides construction management and oversight services for projects within the public right-of-way where the City has hired a contractor to perform work. Team members are responsible not only for the quality of the work performed, but also for making sure your public dollars are spent wisely. 

Development Construction Team: Provides construction oversight for development projects. While keeping development costs down for future home and business owners is still a concern, this team's primary function is to provide quality assurance for the developer’s work on public systems. 

Survey Team: Provides topographical information, such as base maps for designers, and location survey information for City-funded capital construction projects. The Survey Team also reviews any legal boundary changes that occur for private developments within the City before they are recorded with the County Surveyor’s office. 

Public facilities and infrastructure play a key role in providing quality urban services and building a strong community in the City of Vancouver. Through Construction Service's attention to detail and thorough inspections, we are helping to ensure and protect these capital financial investments made by residents and businesses. When facilities operate as designed, the safe, secure neighborhood environment the citizens of the City of Vancouver have come to know and expect is preserved.