Current Stormwater Projects

Rain garden example photo

NE 98th Avenue Water Quality Project

Construction is finished! The City of Vancouver installed rain gardens and center-lane medians along Northeast 98th Avenue, from approximately Northeast Burton Road to Northeast 34th Street, in the Oakbrook Neighborhood. This project, funded by a Washington Department of Ecology Low Impact Development (LID) grant, is designed to improve the quality of stormwater entering Peterson Channel and enhance the Oakbrook Neighborhood. Click on the following link to view the project flyer.

The project aims at capturing stormwater runoff that previously drained directly to the channel and then into Burnt Bridge Creek. Fifteen new rain gardens and medians, with trees and native plants, now allow stormwater to soak into vegetation and soil, helping to keep the stream clean and replenish our community’s groundwater. Stormwater-related streetscape additions are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to accommodate diverse traffic needs of the neighborhood.

In 2012, City staff and consultants met with residents of the Oakbrook Neighborhood to share project ideas and gather resident input to help shape the look and feel of the final project design. These public outreach meetings included an introductory neighborhood meeting, a Northeast 98th Avenue frontage stakeholders gathering and a preliminary design concept presentation at another neighborhood meeting. A number of neighbors also contacted staff to learn more about the project. Based on input from neighbors, transportation engineers and landscape architects, some modifications were incorporated into the final design, which were approved by the Department of Ecology.

The images below show a streetscape example of a stormwater low-impact development using rain gardens and medians, an aerial view of the overall project and planting options in both the rain garden and median areas.

If you have questions about the project, please contact 360-487-7130 and ask to speak with the Surface Water/Stormwater Management team about the 98th Avenue projector. Or you may also email and reference this project.

Low impact development example drawing
Aerial view of project
Rain garden plantings
Median plantings