Garbage, Recycling & Yard Debris Services for Home


City of Vancouver residents have curbside collection of garbage, recycling and (optional) yard debris.

The City of Vancouver contracts with Waste Connections for these services. Please contact Waste Connections by telephone at 360-892-5370 or through their website at Please note that within the City of Vancouver, garbage collection is mandatory. A wide range of service and recycling options are available to help you.

What services are available to Vancouver residents?

  • Weekly, every-other-week or monthly garbage service - Carts are available in sizes of 20, 32, 64 or 95 gallons. Disposal service costs increase as the size increases.
  • Every-other-week recycling service - The standard size is a 95-gallon cart. Carts in sizes of 64, 48 and 32 gallons are also available upon request.
  • Every-other-week yard debris collection - Yard-debris carts are available in sizes of 64 and 96 gallons. Yard-debris collections are available as optional subscription services or on-call services.


More about recycling cart sizes

The standard blue recycling cart is 95 gallons. For most households, this cart size will fit the capacity needs of the every-other-week collection schedule. You only need to set out your cart on your regularly scheduled recycling collection day when it is full.

Questions about size? We encourage you to try the standard cart for a sure understanding and experience of how it will work for you. If you have questions or significant challenges impacting your ability to use the standard cart, the City of Vancouver and Waste Connections will be happy to work with you to help find a solution to your specific situation.

Cart size 95 gallon (Standard Cart)

65 gallon

48 gallon 35 gallon
Depth 34 inches 28 29 22
Width 29 inches 27 24 20
Height w/lid 45 inches 41 37 39

Sizes of recycling carts available upon request

The Big Blue cart is the standard, but other sizes are available upon request. Keep in mind that you'll want to be sure to get a big enough cart to handle all your recycling needs  - including nursery pots, plastic tubs and buckets of 5 gallons or less - for two weeks.