Heritage Trees

Vancouver's Heritage Tree program aims to preserve and recognize the significant trees in our community. The City of Vancouver believes that by preserving our natural resources we preserve a vital link to our past.

Click here to view the current Heritage Tree Inventory.

How many of Vancouver's Heritage Trees have you seen? Which is your favorite? Join Urban Forestry for a tour of Heritage Trees by bike each June. Benefits of Participating in the Heritage Tree Program:

  • The program provides a way for people to save significant trees on private property where a tree removal permit is not applicable.
  • Heritage trees are protected from unnecessary removal and aggressive maintenance actions with review and appropriate approval of all activity by the Urban Forestry Commission.
  • Heritage Trees will have plaques with their designation on or adjacent to the tree.
  • The Urban Forestry Commission and City of Vancouver will strive to create partnerships with local tree care companies or sponsors for the care and maintenance of Heritage Trees.
  • All Heritage Trees will be inventoried with all relevant information and photographs for interested parties to research. View the current Heritage Tree Inventory (pdf).

How to Nominate a Tree

The Heritage Tree Program was established in 1998. If you have or know of a special tree or a grove of trees that might be considered for Heritage Tree status, please review the program criteria listed below and contact the Urban Forestry Program at (360) 487-8332, or return the Heritage Tree Nomination Packet (pdf) to Vancouver Urban Forestry.

The Heritage Tree selection process is on-going. To be nominated, a tree must be in good condition and have the consent of the property owner. Consent is binding and will apply to all future property owners, successors, or heirs. Tree nominations are reviewed semiannually; the deadlines for nominations are October & April. Heritage Tree status is granted if the tree meets any or all of the following requirements:

  • Size - a diameter of at least 36 in
  • Special site location
  • Relation to an historical event
  • Unusual species for the area, or exemplary form for the species
  • A grove may be considered if it meets any of the following requirements:

– Mature and contains trees that are distinctive due to size, shape, species, or age

– Associated with a historical event

– Relationship with a natural resource (i.e. stream bank)

– City code chapter 20.77.120 - Heritage Trees

Visit many of downtown Vancouver's Heritage Trees, including the Old Apple Tree, on this self-guided Heritage Tree bike ride (pdf).