History of Vancouver's Quiet Zones

Like many communities across the country, the City of Vancouver has received complaints about train horn noise for years. In response to citizen concerns about train horn noise, City of Vancouver staff worked with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Federal Railroad Administration to investigate the feasibility of forming a Train Horn Quiet Zone. Two areas were identified for possible “quiet zone” improvements and a public meeting was held on February 16, 2005 to discuss the draft results of the feasibility study.

  • West Area: SR-14 to Columbia River from approximately Columbia Way to approximately SE 75th Ave
  • East Area: SR-14 to Columbia River from approximately SE Silver Springs Dr to ½ mile east of SE 164th Ave

City of Vancouver staff completed work on the feasibility study for potentially establishing Train Horn Quiet Zones. During the study process, there has been very strong interest both for and against establishing these zones. Staff received over 100 comments and diligently evaluated suggestions and concerns expressed during development of the feasibility study.

A final report of recommendations and possible next steps was prepared. The report does not take a position either for or against the establishment of quiet zones. The report advises those who are concerned with train horn noise how they might fund implementation of a Train Horn Quiet Zone. Those individuals interested in initiating the next steps towards establishing a Train Horn Quiet Zone or desire additional technical information should find the report and supporting documentation useful. Supporting documents include the sound study, appraisal evaluation and responses to frequently asked questions.