More Solid Waste and Recycling Resources

What a Trip! Follow the Travels of Your Recycling

Ever wonder what happens to your recyclable materials after they leave your curb? Wondering how the recyclables will get sorted when they're all - except glass - mingled together in your blue recycling cart?

Watch a video, Saving Little Pieces of our Earth, to follow paper, aluminum, steel, plastic and glass through the recycling process - from your recycling bin to a material recovery center and then into new products.

Or you can choose to view segments of the video featuring specific materials. The following links will produce a new page or window.

Please note: Saving Little Pieces of our Earth was produced by the Oregon Waste Reduction and Education Action Committee and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Slight modifications have been made with their approval to reflect handling of recyclables in Clark County.


For Kids: Solid Waste and Recycling web page

Click here to link to the Washington State Department of Ecology's solid waste and recycling web page for kids. This interactive Web site is designed to teach you about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste management (or how we take care of our garbage).


Recycling Articles

Interesting articles about recycling – great to include in your neighborhood newsletter and to fulfill participation requirements for the Recycling 101 Neighborhood Program!

Click here for several informative articles that can be added to your neighborhood newsletter. These articles are full of good tips for you and your neighbors and also fulfill participation in the City’s Recycling 101 Neighborhood Program.