Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance


What is the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance (NTSA)?

The Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance is a group of citizen volunteers from Vancouver’s neighborhoods who advocate for neighborhood traffic safety and offer input to Vancouver’s Public Works Department, Community Development Department, and other transportation-related agencies to help in identifying needs and mitigation of traffic issues affecting neighborhood within the limits of available resources.

The NTSA acts as an independent organization that conducts its own meetings, which may be attended by city staff as needed, and is open to membership from any recognized neighborhood association within the City of Vancouver.

How can you and your neighborhood get involved?

Vancouver residents are encouraged to participate in the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance, to learn more about traffic safety in their neighborhoods, and to become more involved in making the city a safer place to live.

Click here for a one-page handout about the NTSA and how they can help with neighborhood traffic issues.