Pretreatment Program

Marine Park Wastewater Treatment


Industrial wastewater and commercial wastewater are dramatically different than domestic wastewater. They must be treated differently, too.

Like most municipal wastewater service  providers, our wastewater treatment facilities and systems are designed and operated for urban, domestic wastewater. Industrial and some commercial wastewater, however, may contain concentrations of metals or organics far above normal domestic wastewater. Even our advanced treatment systems are not designed to remove these contaminants. The City of Vancouver’s Pretreatment Program protects our wastewater collection, treatment facilities and environment from uncontrolled toxic pollutants. Any facility that discharges any non-domestic wastewater to our sanitary sewers must meet Clean Water requirements. This includes commercial establishments, such as restaurants, as well as manufacturers, fabricators, blenders and others.

The best place to prevent pollution is at the source. Prevention practices keep pollutants out of wastewater. Pretreatment can make wastewater safe to discharge to sanitary sewers. Find out how you can take the right steps for your business to ensure your discharge is safe.

Industrial Pretreatment Brochure: Read about the City of Vancouver's Industrial Pretreatment Program and how it works with you to protect facilities and water resources. Treat it Right!

Industrial Information Form

The City of Vancouver requires a completed Industrial Information Form for new or changed businesses identified as having potential to:

  • Store certain quantities of hazardous materials, or
  • Discharge wastewater other than domestic wastewater to city sewer.

The completed form provides the city with information needed to determine whether an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit will be necessary. Please note: You may fill out and print the form online. However, your completed form must be signed and sent by fax to 360-487-7139 or U.S. mail to Industrial Pretreatment, City of Vancouver, P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668. You can access the Industrial Information Form here.


Dental Mercury Reduction Program

Under this program, in effect as of 2013, dental offices that are connected to Vancouver’s sanitary sewer system will be required to install and maintain amalgam separators and follow industry-approved Best Management Practices (BMPs). About 90 percent of dental offices in Southwest Washington have already installed amalgam separators following a 2003 agreement between the Washington Department of Ecology and Washington State Dental Association. EPA studies show that proper ongoing maintenance is critical to achieving and sustaining reductions in dental mercury. The city's requirements promote sound operations and maintenance, a healthy community and environment, and are consistent with dental BMPs, state codes and anticipated EPA regulations.