SE First Street Improvement Project

Open House Update

Thank you for attending the Project Open House. Summaries of this public involvement to date can be found here:

The project team is continuing to work on refining the design, with much of the current work focused on 164th Avenue to 177th Avenue. To submit comments, please send to: constructioninfo@cityofvancouver

The Project

A long-awaited project to upgrade and provide urban standards for Southeast First Street, constructed as a rural two-lane roadway, is underway. The project will upgrade the existing two-lane rural road to a complete urban street system, with sidewalks, bike facilities, bio-retention for stormwater, street lights and sound walls where required.

​The entire Southeast First Street Project reaches from 164th Avenue to 192nd Avenue. Using traffic volumes now and projected 20 years into the future, the proposed design envisions a three-lane street, with one lane in each direction and a center turn lane. Near the intersection of 164th Avenue, the design provides for a three-lane street along with a right-turn lane and dual left-turn lanes. First Street at 192nd Avenue is currently six lanes and would remain that way under the current design. 

Project Funding

The current design and environmental work for this project is funded by $1.6 million in federal grants and about $700,000 in matching City funds. To best utilize current those resources, efforts are primarily focused on the segment of First Street from 164th Avenue to 177th Avenue. This is expected to allow for some limited right-of-way acquisition in this segment, as well.

Please note: There is currently no identified funding for completion of the right-of-way process or for construction of improvements. The City is continuing to seek funding opportunities for this high-priority project.

Project Progress/Status

Design and necessary environmental work began in late 2013.

Entering September 2015, environmental work, including consideration of historical areas, has been completed. Current design is approximately 30 percent complete, and appraisal of some necessary right-of-way areas has begun. Federal funding requires all right-of-way acquisition strictly comply with laws/regulations that provide for uniform and equitable treatment for persons whose property is acquired for public use.

Stakeholder interviews with some key adjacent properties have been conducted. Two open house gatherings, one specifically for Cascade Estates residents and one for the general public, were held in August and September 2015. Proposed design maps shown at the open house can be found below.

Project Benefits

This improvement project will enhance safety, increase capacity, improve the road surface, and increase connectivity for homeowners, employees and businesses along the corridor.

Project Background

The Southeast First Street Improvement Project was identified and listed in the City's annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) since the area was annexed to Vancouver. It continues as part of the City's most recent TIP, adopted by the Vancouver City Council. It also has been identified as a priority improvement in the Section 30 Subarea Plan (2009).

Nearby Neighborhood
Intersection of SE 1st Street and SE 192nd Avenue Vancouver, WA