Sewer Design & Construction Requirements

The City of Vancouver’s Sanitary System Planning and Design team provides technical management, comprehensive planning, and sound engineering to expand and maintain sewer collection and conveyance systems for service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in a safe, environmentally protective manner.

Sanitary sewers here are designed to collect the domestic sewage and industrial wastewater from residential and commercial sewer customers and deliver it to either the Westside or Marine Park wastewater facility for treatment. These systems are not designed to handle flows from street or roof drainage.

The City of Vancouver has review and approval requirements for properties requiring public sewer service. All properties requesting public sewer service are required to submit a Request for Utility Service (RUS) to allow the City to describe to the property developer or owner the necessary conditions for acquiring public sewer service.

Requirements, Standards & Details

Section 1 Planning and Design General Requirements - Includes Water, Sanitary Sewer and Surface Water/Stormwater

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