Street and Traffic Maintenance

Street Maintenance and Operations

Vancouver's Street Maintenance Team, a part of Operations Center, is responsible for making sure our streets are safe for public use.

Pothole patching, crack sealing, street sweeping, leaf removal, litter pickup, pruning trees in the right of way, alley maintenance, small paving projects, and snow and ice control are just some of the many services this Team provides for citizens.

In addition, the Street Maintenance Team serves as support for the Spring Cleanup, Pavement Management and Fall Leaf Removal Programs, and lends a hand to help Operations' Drainage Team where and when needed.

Traffic Maintenance Work Team

Vancouver's Traffic Work Team ensures the City's traffic signals and street lighting systems are  functioning safely and efficiently.

How do they do that? Through the manufacture, installation and maintenance of traffic control and other street signs, as well as by maintaining and upgrading striping and pavement markings on City streets to ensure safe, smooth traffic flow.

City of Vancouver Severe Weather Response

When severe weather hits hard, the City of Vancouver's Department of Public Works prioritizes its response to provide strong support for our community's life-saving police, fire and medical public safety network.

First Priority: the critical arterials that connect police, fire and medical services

Second Priority: Remaining arterials, selected collectors, snow bus routes and key streets around schools and hills

During severe weather, such as snow and ice storms, the task of keeping these high priority streets passable is an arduous one that must be repeated many times. When possible, street maintenance response may also be extended to remaining collectors and public parking lots. However, due to these work demands, limited resources and the difficulties presented by driveways and cars parked along the curb, residential streets are rarely plowed or deiced. Under Vancouver Municipal Code, adjacent property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear and passable. Vancouver Public Works encourages residents to be prepared in advance of inclement weather, lend a helping hand to neighbors where needed, and avoid unnecessary travel when severe weather impacts street conditions.