Understanding Vancouver's Street System - Self-guided Streets Trip


Whether driving, riding or walking, we all rely in some way on our street system to get us where we want to go. Vancouver’s neighborhood livability, economic vitality, and public safety and emergency response depend on a healthy, viable street system. To meet these community needs, the City strives to:

  • Take care of what we have. This includes maintaining, preserving, repairing and replacement pavement, traffic signals, street lights, traffic signs, traffic striping and marking.
  • Improve our functionality, mobility, safety and livability. By this we mean providing safety-related projects throughout the community, helping neighborhoods calm traffic, building pedestrian and bike facilities, improving accessibility for all citizens, and coordinating traffic signals for improved efficiency.
  • Upgrade our core arterial backbone. Many of the streets that have become part of Vancouver were built as two-lane rural roads. The City works to increase capacity and safety by upgrading these rural roadways to urban standards, and provide new, key connections where needed.
  • Invest strategically in economic vitality. Vancouver works in partnership with others to construct/require the necessary street systems in greenfield and brownfield development that will provide system capacity and help tap economic potential.

To get a better understanding of Vancouver's street system, City has produced an approximately 50-mile 'Mobile Workshop' route for the Vancouver City Council that illustrates some of the key achievements to date and the challenges ahead. Depending upon traffic conditions and stops, traveling the route takes about 3-4 hours.

Citizens can follow the same route by using the attached Workshop Route Guidebook and viewing the Workshop Briefing Booklet for background information.

The City recognizes that there are other major areas of interest and/or street system concerns that were not included in this Workshop route due to time constraints. Additional routes and loops will be posted here in the future to supplement the Workshop Route give provide a self-guided tour to learning more about Vancouver's street system.

Watch for additional information to be posted here as it becomes available.

For information about the Guidebook and Briefing Booklet, please contact Loretta Callahan, Public Information/Community Relations, Department of Public Works, City of Vancouver at 360-487-8255 or loretta.callahan@cityofvancouver.us.